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Amstelstraat 16
1017 DA  Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hotel for Bear Necessity


What is it?

Bear Necessity started as a bear party, but has become more a general gay dance party for real men.

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friendly staff, coat check, live DJs, dance floor, smoking area, no smoking, hot bartenders, security


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When is it?


Event dates
Sat 01 Aug
22:00 - 06:00

Bear Necessity - Gay Pride Edition

Location: Air, Amstelstraat 16, Amsterdam

flyerThe biggest and friendliest real men event of Amsterdam is back in the centre! For Amsterdam Gay Pride Saturday main party at Air

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member photo Roger
over a year ago   


member photo Nick70
over a year ago   


no photo
over a year ago   

DJ Sergio was thé 2013 discovery for me and my friends!
Thnx Sergio for your splendid performance!


member photo Franski
over a year ago   

BN should solve the Bar-problem: it just takes too long to get drinks. You want to earn money so hire more people and sell more drinks.
Also the music can be much more exciting - you think the people come back for the music......I dont think so. There is just not much left in Amsterdam so there is not really much choice to go to.
Atmosphere is really good - attitude free.


no photo
over a year ago   

Dutch gay men can be so ugly , in particular when dragged up as a bear, but still cursed with that ugly bitchy face. Avoid Amsterdam like the plague.


no photo
over a year ago

Nothing worse than all these international djs, going from city to city, with their famous on the scene name, and never delivering, never taking you on a journey of music and euphoria.

It's just monotonous beats, and piss idiotic older gays who got stuck in A'dam, pretending that they are still having as good a time as 20 years ago.

The bear thing is just an excuse. Obese people who pretend that fat is sexy.


no photo
over a year ago

To Mark365
You are discriminating. Cant'wait till you get to 50. What will you then do? Stay indoors? Not feel welcome because of bigots like you? Glad you don't like BN. Stay away. We don't need lowlife there!


no photo
over a year ago   

Dear Mark365

I have never been to BN that's been worse than let's say ******.
Who is forcing you to pay 'that' ???? I think you should drop that person as your friend. You simply should not to go somewhere where someone is forcing you to go.
I also wonder where did you get that 55+ thing. I think you are confusing this event with some other one. If you like 18-21yo parties you should look for some other events and believe me, there are many of them.
Calling someone a 'desperate male' only shows you have a serious issue with your own look and age.
How about to keep looking for a party that you are happy with and leave the people that enjoy BN to keep enjoying it?
From the poster i can see one of the best djs micky galliano is coming from london. Last BN Mike J (Greenkomm resindent) and the one before Niko Krist from Cologne were playing + the residents. Makes me wonder if you just had a bad day when you wrote your comment. To Me BN is one of the biggest non commercial parties in Amsterdam along with Furball, Spellbound, XXL Leather, Ladz, Blue etc.
So much choice, hope you make the right one next you are out :o)


no photo
over a year ago   

Sorry Guys !
There is no way you want to pay for that ! Bad music & useless stuff, that is a trademarks of this party. Most of the audience is a desperate males (55+) so for that kind of crowd quality is not in need (according to organizers). You can see that from the first minute you step in. What a waste of everything !!! Such a greedy idiots !!!


no photo
over a year ago

Dear BN team,

Next week I will visit BN for the first time. I just payd for two tickets.
I just want to let you know: compliments for the clear information and the professional way of payment !
Up to fryday and let's have FUN !


member photo cub28
over a year ago

Dear Greg,
Thank you for your feedback about BN pride edition, we do apologies for the bar queue
For the bar, unfortunately we had 3 bartenders calling sick that evening, en we couldn’t find a replacement for them.
Regarding the music I’m sorry you didn’t like it, however this is BN music and it seems that the BN clubbers like it a lot, and that is the reason they come back.
It was indeed HOT at BN, the air-conditioning was on max, but to keep an 17century building
Cool with 1000 pax inside it is a huge challenge and we are working very hard to solve this issue!

Regarding the drinks, Odeon is not more expensive than any other club/Bar in Amsterdam.
I do hope that in your next visit you will have more fun.
Kind regards BN team


no photo
over a year ago   

I had a great time at Bear Necessity. The place was crowded but not more than any other other events over the weekend. Yes, it was hot but Odeon will never beat Paradiso in this way. Music was good.
Shame I didn't meet the sourpuss posting bellow. I'd make him smile :) ...but then again, would I? He sounds like nothing would make him happy.


no photo
over a year ago   

Went to this party last night. [4 Aug 2012 - AMS Pride Edition]

Let's start with the good:

Guys were great! I saw no attitude. Everyone was friendly and [trying to] have a good time together. It was truly good to be amongst so many laid back friendly men. : )

Now the Problems:

Music was lame. Same under beat pretty much the whole 3 hours I was there. It's like the DJ put his stuff on a loop and forgot it. There was NO TALENT in that DJ's set. I'm sorry if that seems harsh, but it's factual.

Sadly there were just too many people in the small space. You literally could not move. Couldn't dance. Most guys just standing around bobbing up and down a little. Most looked kinda bored.

The bar: YOU NEED MORE HELP! It was not uncommon to wait more than 20-30 minutes to get a drink. There was no rhyme or reason to the way service was poorly handled.

Drinks: Look, I understand that alcohol is "expensive" but this place took it too far. A single shot (if you could call it that...) was WAY over priced. Then you were charged for the "mixer" whether it was a juice or a soda or whatever.
There was pretty much no "selection" to choose from. You either got what was in the well. (Ref Vodka anyway)

This is unacceptable. When you've got to wait 30 minutes between WEAK drinks, it's pretty much impossible to even begin to get a buzz.
Before you say it, NO. Getting 3-4 drinks at a time was not manageable. You couldn't move around with one drink in your hand without spilling it everywhere, it would not have been possible to have more than that one.

Overall I'd say that the idea of the BN is a good one, but the execution was just bad. They either need a larger venue, or less ticket sales. Better bar service. And real DJ's. Not someone with a lot of "gear" playing what amounts to iTunes "DJ Radio" all night.

I won't return to this next year. I think Rapido XL or some other party is worth a try.



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