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New York

Welcome in New York, the city that never sleeps. It's 24/7 enjoying shopping, dining, clubbing or art. Visit all the iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty or check out a show on Broadway. Meet guys in Hell's Kitchen or the Village for a drink in one of the gay bars or go dance with them in one of the clubs for a night out. Enjoy art and shopping or have a relaxing afternoon at Central Park.New York City. As Frank Sinatra belted: "If you can make it there.."

gay NYC guide

Featured hotels

Hotel Edison Times Square, New York
7.613244 reviews
228 West 47th Street, New York
Row NYC at Times Square, New York
7.113143 reviews
700 8th Avenue, New York
Hudson New York, Central Park, New York
7.29924 reviews
358 West 58th Street, New York
citizenM New York Times Square, New York
9.25260 reviews
218 West 50th Street, New York

Reviews on gay New York

Vacaya PTown gay cruise

21 days ago

VACAYA /vuh kai' uh/ is a fresh new approach to LGBTQ travel, one focused entirely on you and creating memorable bespoke travel experiences built around amazing destinations, stellar entertainment, and world-class hospitality. [...]

g Lounge

over a year ago


g Lounge

over a year ago

not the best bar, theres more to a bar then boys butt


Antonio Jesus Torre
over a year ago

XL Nightclub

over a year ago

I experienced hostile bartenders at Splash who ignored me or charged me more for the same drink someone else paid less for. [...]