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Gay bars and cafes

  • Atlas Social Club
  • Barracuda
  • Boiler Room
  • Boxers NYC
  • Gym Sportsbar
  • Hardware Bar
  • Industry Bar
  • Nowhere Bar
  • Phoenix
  • Pieces Bar
  • Posh
  • The Duplex
  • The Hangar
  • The Stonewall Inn
  • The Townhouse Bar
  • Therapy
  • Ty's Bar
  • Boxers NYC gay sports bar Hell's Kitchen
  • Boxers NYC gay sports bar Washington Heights
  • Cubbyhole
  • Marie's Crisis

Gay dance clubs

  • The Monster
  • The Ritz Bar & Lounge

Gay sauna

  • East Side Club
  • West Side Club

{city} gay cruise bars and clubs

  • The Eagle
  • The Tool Box

Gay dance parties

  • Matinee NYC Pride

Outdoor beaches, parks

  • Fire Island

Gayfriendly places

  • Don't Tell Mama

Gay pride and events

  • Folsom Street East
  • NY AIDS Walk
  • Rites XL: The Black Party
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