Nieuwe Meer

The Nieuwe Meer / De Oeverlanden is a recreational area at a small lake just outside the city centre of Amsterdam. In summer you can bathe in the sun and swim in the lake. It's the perfect place to relax and check out for some fun.

On the other side of the bicycle path there is the clothing optional area. Here naked sunbathing is allowed. The small forest is the biggest cruising area in Amsterdam. 24x7 cruising here. 

See our map for the cruising area. The marker is set to the central open space. During the day on summer this is the nude bathing area. The cruising is (seen from the bicycle path) on the right and left of this open space.

The best way to get to the Oeverlanden is by bicycle. There is also a bus stop on a short walking distance. On Oude Haagseweg there is also a parking lot, at night this is also a place for car cruising.

Gay cruising is 24/7, but it depends very much on the weather and season.

When cruising at night be very careful. Also make sure to stay in the area.
Nudity outside the cruising area is fined. Officially this includes naked swimming in the lake.

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Nieuwe Meer
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Updated: 27 Nov 2021
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