Gay Netherlands travel guide

Gay Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small country with a large historic background. There is much more than the famous windmills! The capital and main city is Amsterdam. The country itself is very small, you can not drive longer than 2 hours in any direction to reach the border.

The Netherlands (or sometimes called Holland) is a very liberal country. It was the first to legalize gay marriage in the world. The city was also very famous for it's gay night life. There are still relative many gay places for a small city like this.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS) is one of the main hubs in Europe. There are direct flights to many destinations around the world. At a little extra cost you can extend a stop over for a few days. The City centre is only 15 minutes away by train from the airport.



We list here the 2 main cities, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Other interesting cities include The Hague, Utrecht or the beach and dunes at Zandvoort. They can all be reached within an hour by train from Amsterdam.


Amsterdam is a beautiful historic city. The historic canals and canal houses are a must visit. Amsterdam has many world famous museums, the Red Light district and much more. The gay night-life is quite extensive for a small city as it is.

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Rotterdam was completely destroyed during World War II. So there are hardly any historic buildings left. So the city is very different from Amsterdam. It has many modern buildings and bridges. The gay scene is quite small.

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Countries nearby

The Netherlands is located very central in Northern Europe. London can be reached in a 40 minute flight. Cologne in Germany is only an hour by train, Antwerp and Brussels in about 1½ and 2 hours, Paris by high speed train is only 3½ hours from Amsterdam. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has many direct connections and low cost flights.