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Copenhagen gay guide

Vilkommen to the city of Hygge (cosiness) and laid back attitude. Copenhagen is often labelled as an expensive city – and yes, prices in bars & restaurants are a bit higher, but so is the standard of what & how it is served. Danes show attention to detail & give service with a smile.

In May 2014, Copenhagen will host the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Copenhagen gay guide

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Map of Copenhagen

Map of Copenhagen with bars, clubs and all hotels · see larger map

Featured hotels

Generator Copenhagen,
7.96858 reviews
Adelgade 5 -7, (distance km)
Copenhagen Admiral Hotel,
8.45814 reviews
Toldbodgade 24-28, (distance km)
Good Morning+ Copenhagen Star,
7.45232 reviews
Colbjørnsensgade 13, (distance km)
Hotel Ansgar,
7.84311 reviews
Colbjoernsensgade 29, (distance km)

Reviews on gay Copenhagen

Never Mind

over a year ago

Never mind, indeed!! The first time I've ever been turn away from a bar or club. Showed up with my boyfriend, showed my US passport to the security guard at the door, and was told "Not tonight" and asked to leave. [...]

Amigo Sauna

over a year ago

Hello, how much does it cost to get in there, and how old would you describe the dudes hanging in there,40s, 50s or 60s or ancient?
Would love to try this sometime

Amigo Sauna

The Amigo Sauna is a very Clea
over a year ago

The Amigo Sauna is a very Clean and friendly place! But I, who has visited ONE time, and I will NEVER again be going there, nor will I ever recommend it to any ONE! On till the smoking is totally band on the premises!The Stars are VERY narrow and steppe, in the 3 story building! If there war a fire, the STAMPID that would follow, Ppl fowling over each other, would block off the way out. [...]

Amigo Sauna

over a year ago

After reading the reviews on here I was a little uncertain whether to bother with Amigo, but I though I might as well give it a go and went on a Wednesday evening at about 8pm. [...]

Amigo Sauna

over a year ago

It is probably the worst sauna of Europe, decadent, extremely dirty, very smelly and with no water area (better, otherwise you can get any sickness)It is full of really old people sleeping on the sofas and desperate people.

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