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Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo gay guide

Sao Paulo is the biggest city of Brazil. It's size is unbelievable. Sao Paulo is also the city with the most gay nightlife of Brazil. Is has some very big gay clubs.The area to be is Jardin. It's modern, clean, with many stores of the big fashion brands, and some exciting gay clubs and gay sauna nearby.

Sao Paulo gay nightlife

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Map of Sao Paulo

Map of Sao Paulo with bars, clubs and all hotels · see larger map

Featured hotels

H3 Hotel Paulista,
8.62609 reviews
Rua Rocha, 217, (distance km)
Royal Jardins Boutique Hotel,
8.52410 reviews
Alameda Jau, 729, (distance km)
Hotel Trianon Paulista,
8.22178 reviews
Alameda Casa Branca, 355/363, (distance km)
Hotel Moncloa,
7.91833 reviews
Rua Augusta, 646, (distance km)

Reviews on gay Sao Paulo


10 months ago

It s very cool and fantastic

Chilli Pepper Single Hotel

over a year ago

But like some say here, if you just want to get loaded, this is prolly one of the best places in the world to do that with unbelievably hot Brazilian men. [...]

Chilli Pepper Single Hotel

over a year ago

Biggest dicks and hottest men I've seen in my 43 years! Bottom"s heaven. Place smells like ass in some areas that could use some hygiene. [...]

Chilli Pepper Single Hotel

over a year ago

Horrible, no customer service, bartenders unfriendly,I got robbed by the cleaner, some of then openedy the door and stole all my money in cash, manager didn't care, he also didn't allowed me to use internet wifi for call a taxi, facilities doesn't work well, embarrassing feeling. [...]

Chilli Pepper Single Hotel

over a year ago

Was there on sunday evening after gaypride, rather crowded and mixed. Entrance fee was 69R$. [...]

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