Gay Spain travel guide

Spain is the most popular gay holiday destination of Europe. Madrid and Barcelona are perfect cities for a weekend break, with museums, sight seeing, shopping and extensive gay night-life in the weekends.

Ibiza is the perfect island for a party week, many of the big party brands travelling around the world started in Ibiza.
Gran Canaria is another Spanish island, this one has nice sunny weather almost all year long and is very popular among gays.

Other beach towns are Sitges, close to Barcelona, Benidorm with many English gay boys visiting every summer, and Torremolinos in the south of Spain.



Barcelona is a very popular gay tourist city. It has the famous Segrada Familia church by Gaudi, the other Gaudi buildings and the spectacular Park Guell with beautiful views on the city.

The gay night-life is extensive, but mostly taking place in the weekends. The bars and clubs start late, as the locals have their dinner only around 10 or 11 PM. There is also a gay beach in Barcelona itself.

The famous and popular town Sitges is only 40 minutes away by train. It has several gay beaches and a busy gay nightlife as well.


Sitges is a beach town 40 minutes by train from Barcelona. It has 2 gay beaches (one nude), and many gay bars, clubs, and restaurant. This is one of the most popular gay beach destinations in Europe. The party goes on every night of the week in high season in summer (in contradiction to Barcelona, which is more focussed to the weekend).


Madrid is the capital of Spain and is a very beautiful city. Their gay pride is one of the biggest in Europe. The gay night-life is concentrated in the area Chueca, which is right in the center of the city. There are many gay bars, clubs and gay saunas. The night-life is happening on Fridays and Saturdays mostly.


Ibiza is the party island close to Barcelona. You can fly there or travel by boat. The island is famous for it's massive parties. Ibiza town is a very nice old town, with nice restaurants, terraces and small gay bars. The big parties are usually more mixed.

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a Spanish island west of Africa. Playa del Ingles in Maspalomas at the south side of the island is a very popular gay destination for decades.

It has nice warm weather almost all year long.  There are about 40 gay bars, clubs, restaurants and saunas. Most gay venues are located in the Yumbo Centrum.


Valencia is the 3rd biggest city of Spain. You can compare it a bit with Barcelona, old buildings combined with modern architecture and a beach next to the city. Valencia is way less touristic, but they are working on that. The gay night life is only happening in the weekend. It is a great city for a weekend city trip.


Benidorm is one of the biggest European beach destinations. It has also an extensive gay scene, with about 30 gay bars all located close to each other in the Old Town. It is is very popular by English tourists.


Torremolinos is a small beach town in the South of Spain. In the weekend many Spanish guys from the cities nearby come there to party. It has many gay bars and clubs. Visiting Torremolinos is great in combination with Granada and Sevilla for example.


Granada is a beautiful historic city in the south of Spain. The Alhambra is a world famous attraction. In summer it can be too hot, so best to visit is spring or autumn. Make sure to book your Alhambra tickets in advance, you really can not miss this one. There are a few gay bars in Granada.


Sevilla is a beautiful city in the south of Spain. There are many historic buildings, museums etc. The gay night-life happens mostly in the weekends. In summer it can be very hot here, if you are not used to that try to avoid to travel then. Sevilla makes a great combination with Granada and Torremolinos for example.

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