Sauna Club 69

Sauna Club 69
photo by Club 69

Club 69 is a gay sauna and swingers club. It features a wet and dry sauna, a pool, and darkroom and cruising area. It has a fully licensed bar with friendly staff and a very relaxed atmosphere.

The club has a good location near other gay venues around town. This makes Club 69 a popular pre-or-after-party place as it is open every day for people to enjoy it! On weekends Club 69 is the hottest "after party place" as it is open on morning till 7am or 8 am!

Some nights also a swingers club.

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Sauna Club 69 information

opening hours

opening hours

  • mon
    16:00 - 02:00
  • tue
    16:00 - 02:00
  • wed
    16:00 - 02:00
  • thu
    16:00 - 02:00
  • fri
    16:00 - 07:00
  • sat
    20:00 - 06:00
  • sun
    16:00 - 02:00
Opening hours are for guidance only.


Sauna Club 69
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Updated: 22 Aug 2022
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