City Steam

gay sauna
Monday - Sunday
357, Sussex Street, Sydney
5 reviews

City Steam

Sydney City Steam, or 357 as they call themselves, is easily Australia's busiest Sauna Bathhouse, serving 2500 guys a week.

357 - Sydney City Steam is over four floors with an internal lift, should you not wish to take the stairs

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City Steam
357, Sussex Street
2000  Sydney, Australia
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Opening hours

  • Monday10:00–06:00
  • Tuesday10:00–06:00
  • Wednesday10:00–06:00
  • Thursday10:00–06:00
  • Friday24h
  • Saturday24h
  • Sunday24h

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Reviews on City Steam

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over a year ago

if you like mature older guys and chubbies you will find them here.
im asian and i not attracted to asians

over a year ago

Rude owner. Place incredibly warm on hot days. Sent polite feedback and got this over the top response:

After serving 3000 men a week over the hottest summer on record ever in NSW..EVER..with temps in the 40s daily our 92 year old building has heated up to no avail. We are a SAUNA its hot even in winter, the floors are heated by a massive sauna that seats 26 people, a steam room letting of steam 24/7, we have just spent 25k on new and massive air conditioners and a new riser flowing air onto the roof.....there is simply no more that we can do as the owners.

The night I received your email i was at a 150$ a head restaurant called Public Dining Room, it was unbearable, I sweated my shirt wet and did not feel like eating, but I did not complain as its record temps, their air could not cope as ours cant and its new!!! I am astounded by your email, we all were. Even shopping centres were closing but you wrote to a SAUNA STEAM SEX CLUB to complain about the heat OMG!!

I dont disagree with you, I am a large man and its awfully hot sometimes and our staff sweat as well, but its a SAUNA!!!

Add hundreds of men into this old building with a sauna and steam room and its going to be hot as on a 40s day.

Today its cool and comfortable but its 19C

Please dont use our venue and I dont apologise, use a nice cool quiet one like Sydney Sauna, there is 15 guys and cool air.

I have never answered a complaint in this manner ever, but its truly astounding!!! Our dinner party sweated thru our 150$ a head meal, sorry you didnt enjoy having sex for 25$ and using the busiest and best run sauna in Australia.

Regards Ty and Luke owners of a business that cares but could never satisfy everyone nor does it need or want to

My response back to Ty:


Wow talk about being arrogantly rude. Was the suggestion I sent through to you even remotely rude? No? So where has this personal attack you decided to embark on with yourself riding a pony with all water pistols blazing trying to look all gung ho come from? I'm not sure if you are blind, perhaps just a tad ignorant but surely you must have noticed that outside of your Sunday foam party and around peak time of the year like Mardi Gras, numbers to your sauna are despairingly on the downward slide. You are being overtaken by phone apps so yeah, continue being rude to your customers all you want, you are only shooting yourself in the foot. Perhaps that's how you prefer your business to be run, on a march towards a slow death.

over a year ago

Wasn't sure what to expect based on the reviews here, but I went on a rainy Sunday afternoon in July and was pleasantly surprised. The place was fairy busy, the action seemed to take place on the 3rd (?) floor where the dark room is. As always, the guys vary - Asian guys, bears, fit guys, etc. I felt that the sauna part is an afterthought and sex is why you come here, so if you're going primarily for legit sauna purposes then I'm not sure this would be the place for you.

over a year ago

This place is the best fuckin sauna in Australia and up there in the world, yeah I am Asian, say what you want but this place is totally packed and full of every type possible great fit out super busy think posting four bad reviews is really unfair why cant people just get over the old and asian thing you will also be old sometime peace man.. try 357 for yourself there is like 200 guys there during the day wednesdays and fri its so unreal:o)

over a year ago

Hi guys, been now 3 times, very discrete dark areas. Lots of old and overweight guys. But then I was lucky with a great Aussie dude mid 30's Ass. So it can be a lottery. All else fails go to one of the 10 glory holes and yep you'll get a Bj, Cheers

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