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“Theatron is the biggest gay night club in South America”

Theatron is one of the biggest gay night clubs in the world. It's a big complex occupying almost a whole block of buildings. Every Saturday 4000 go here, and even better news, the drinks are for free!

The club is located on 5 levels, with 13 different rooms; Theatron, Teatrino, Plaza Rosa, Palma Latino, La Cantina, 360, Barú, Beerlin, Eva, Época, Metro, Templo y MusicLab. Some of the venues very big some smaller.

In the center of the building is a large open air space. This looks a little like Disney's main street. This area is for smokers and if you want to give your ears a little rest from the loud music. We saw a guy with a t-shirt which said "Home is where the music is loud", such a true south american statement!

The music varies from venue to venue. On the main stage, a former large cinema, they have the main DJ's, playing techno but also blocks with popular Spanish songs, and acts.

The club has a very mixed crowd. On top one of the rooms is men only.

Between 10 and 2 at night the drinks are included with the entrance fee. You get a small plastic cup and they refill it as many times as you like. The choice of free drinks is very limited, rum, gin or vodka and you they add a soft drink of choice.

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opening hours

opening hours

  • thu
    19:30 - 05:00
  • fri
    19:30 - 05:00
  • sat
    19:30 - 05:00
  • sun
    19:30 - 05:00
Opening hours are for guidance only.


Ca 58 # 10–34
Bogota map
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Updated: 29 Apr 2022

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