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Berghain / Panorama Bar

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Berghain is an open minded multi-venue nightclub in an former electricity plant near Ostbahnhof. The main room is the world famous techno dance club . The smaller one the industrial-style Panorama bar which is also open on Fridays.

In the basement of the Berghain building is Lab-Oratory, a large hard core gay cruise and play club. Lab has its own entrance, and there is no doorway to the Berghain club.
Except twice a year, with the large Snax gay fetish parties. 
The Snax parties were the first inhabitants of the building, before it became the club as we now know.

Berghain always has a large queue and strict door policies. Expect 1-2 hour wait. 

Photographing is not allowed. Their instagram has only one image, saying photos are not allowed :)


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Friday00:00 - lateSaturday00:00 - late
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Zufart Wriezener Bahnhof/ Friedrichshain
Friedrichshain, Berlin
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