gay sauna
Monday - Sunday
1-2 Ramillies St. (Ramillies House), London
21 reviews


The Sweatbox is a new gay gym and sauna, right in the middle of all the gay nightlife: SoHo. Two subterranean levels offer low-lit and sexy hot rooms, steam rooms and a maze of inventively designed private cabins and play-spaces! Including 40 Man Steam Room with Bucket Shower, 30 Man Steam Room with Foam Cannon, a 14 Man Custom Jacuzzi and 2 Turkish-style Hot Rooms. You do not have to be a gym user to use the sauna complex


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1-2 Ramillies St. (Ramillies House)
London, UK
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Opening hours

  • Monday24h
  • Tuesday24h
  • Wednesday24h
  • Thursday24h
  • Friday24h
  • Saturday24h
  • Sunday24h

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Reviews on Sweatbox

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6 months ago

I wouldn’t treat a dog the way I was treated there. Their harsh and unwieldy ‘bag search’ equates to a personal assault, of heart and mind. Stay away if you value your dignity and self-respect – and PRIDE. Shame on Sweatbox, the disgrace of the London Gay Community.

9 months ago

This place is not very clean, rather small, old-fashioned, too damp, dark and in general looks too bad or filthy. At the entrance, you should be aware that you are filmed to be identified, without your knowledge, and if you're not sufficiently visible, the staff could be authoritative. I do not recommend.

over a year ago

I have been going to SweatBox for over four years now, whenever I visit London! The staff has always been so nice and kind and treated me with great respect. The day I arrived in London, I always buy a weekly pass, so I can come and go as I please. I have met the nicest people from all over the world on vacation like myself, as well as locals. When your friendly to people I find that people are very friendly to you there. I often joke with the staff, that I'm one of the older customers, yet everyone is still so nice and friendly! I highly recommend this as a fun and relaxing sauna Londothe theme nights are the best! Usually busy! Always fun!

over a year ago

I had the best of times. A wild twinky twink down from Norwich. I got myself naked, got my ass in the air and had the time of my life. way too many guys to count filled my boy holes. load after load. i loved it. couldn't walk after i left tho. go and have a great time

over a year ago

Young twink down from Wales looking for action. Got down about 9pm and was almost not let in for being too ugly. Convinced them to let me in by paying double and was immediately met with the WOC. The wall had space for 18 men so I let them all finish and guzzled it down like a milkshake. Halfway through a hot guy came up and started licking my hole. This made me extra horny and helped me please the WOC in record time. Had a shower with 27 other guys and there were just rock ons everywhere. It was a complete cock fest. I was shattered and emotionally drained. I was such a naughty cumslut. Went with a few of my new Cisco Bae’s. They love it too.

over a year ago

I managed to visit here the first time about three weeks ago. What a great surprise. Plenty of zones. Clean facilities and friending staff. Busy for a Tuesday too. I stayed out so late, I had to get the night bus home! Recommended.

over a year ago

Good location but not clean and bad smell in steam room

over a year ago

I have been there few days ago. It is a good location busy but too dirty smell is bad.

over a year ago

Very busy, some areas may not be very clean during busy times but i always have fun at this place. Best men in London go there - mainly aged from 18 to 45. Weekends are the best time to go.
I have been to other Saunas in London but this place is the best!! Very central location near oxford circus tube station.

over a year ago

The best thing about this sauna is that it is always busy, and the crowd is young healthy men. Of course, you will find a few old men but they are much less than the other saunas of London. I always find lot of tourists going to this place because of its central location and also the best young crowd comes after the bars close in Soho area on weekend nights (around midnight).
There are days when you may even have to wait to enter because it is a 'full house'. There is always a full time cleaner but sometimes he struggles to keep the place clean because there is so much stuff going on - specially in the steam room and the TV room.
I would say this is the best Sauna in London for the quality of men who visit this place, and it could be the best in Europe if it was more clean.

over a year ago

I've been regularly going to the Sweatbox for the last 2 years & watched the place go downhill a lot in this time, there's not as many younger lads as there once was whilst there are now more older guys patrolling the place like hungry dogs, the place has got filthier & filthier & the pungent stench is sickening. Don't get me wrong I've had a lot of hot sex with many hot guys but this place is rapidly going downhill & i'm now going a lot less, the tub is cold more often than not & watch out for younger guys wanting to be fucked bareback, many will be HIV carriers & they simply don't care who they infect!

The management need to do something about the hygiene of this place & also see if they can get mor of the younger lads coming back. Mondays are free for the under 25's but whilst this is the most busiest day for the Sweatbox you'll find it's mainly older guys hoping to get hold of younger guys that are coming.

over a year ago

This is a busy sauna and that leaves little time for the staff to renovate and clean the facilities. This leaves you with a moldy smell and used condomes everywhere.
When buying a 48 hour pass, be advised that you have a maximum stay of 8 hours and then have to leave for 2 hours before reentry.
Ther is limited facilities for sleep and it's very noisy- even the staff will laugh and almost shout in the relaxing area.
The guests at this sauna are all in a hurry and will drop on their knees very fast! :-)

over a year ago

If you can stomach the arrogant and condescending attitude of the not so handsome but young receptionist, you might also enjoy yourself inside.

over a year ago

Me and a very tasty German lad (early 20's) just had the most amazing fuck in the sling. Place is pounding. Out having a breather right now but will be back in for another go before midnight that's for sure. Wowza

over a year ago

Looking a bit battered of late but no surprises really - Sweatbox is always heaving with guys after work. And real hotties too, not the usual creeps you find in saunas.

over a year ago

Visited last Saturday around midnight. The place was very busy with lots of young lads with great bodies. I enjoyed the night as most of the boys seemed to have a relaxed attitude and seemed to be having fun!!
Definitely a fun place on Weekends, although it gets a bit too busy and dirty on Mondays when entry is free for under 25's.

I feel better to go there after having drinks with my mates, it feels good to be chilled a bit, although i am not into drugs/weed.

over a year ago

I went to this Sauna during the last two weekends. This sauna is indeed very central, close to Oxford circus tube station.
The place is modest size, the best young crowd in London goes there after the bars and clubs start to close around midnight during the weekends- Friday night and Saturday are the busiest and the best. It gets busy around 12:00 midnight, the action is generally limited to young men, who are fit. (sorry, no offence to old clients/bears)

I think cleanliness was an issue earlier, but i noticed 2 full time cleaners on duty throughout my stay of about 4 hours. The management seems to have paid attention to the earlier complaints about smell/dirt.

I had a great time with a Belgian (tourist), and three other guys of mix races - just like me (29 years,British Israeli). I did not have penetration but had lots of kissing and oral. The 2 boys and a couple were all great, they had Fit bodies and very nice cocks.

I will try to go there again on Friday or Saturday very soon.

over a year ago

Sweatbox is extremely busy on Mondays and maybe during weekends. You can find all types of guys, so that's good. On Mondays, you can get a free check up on HIV and STIs.

Unfortunately, it's not clean, smells bad, although the staff is doing their best. You cannot stay for long in the steam room and the sauna is too small.
The music is kinda dated, why don't they play modern music?

I believe they need to make a few changes in order to tackle the competition with other saunas. First of all, they should do some events (the foam party thing is absolutely a farce).
Also, they could give one more free day for guys under 25, since Monday is the busiest day of the week.

In general, Sweatbox is very small and not so clean, but it has the potential to become better. I have been there mostly due to the its perfect location (Oxford Street, close to tube)

over a year ago

I visited this sauna last week on Monday, the crowd is younger, and lots of students came in because its free for under 25's.
I had an amazing time with two Arab boys in their and a few europeans - all under 35!
As i have just turned 30 yrs (Aussi), who prefers men from 20-35, this is the best suauna in London.

Staff is friendly too. The place needs cleaning more regularly because of high traffic!!

over a year ago

I went with 2 friends on Monday 29th September, one of which was under 25 years old and was allowed in free. This is a brilliant concession. We arrived at 3pm and my other friend and I bought a 24 hour pass for £17. We had a great time although the small bar was expensive as they don't allow you take in your own food or drink which we thought was bad. Tea is £2 a cup! At 9am on Tuesday we decided to go out for breakfast. My younger friend went to get a fresh "towel", which incidentally are more like polishing dusters. He was greeted by a very rude middle aged man who told hum off for staying beyond midnight. He was told that he had to leave and that we had to leave too although we were downstairs changing at the time. My friend came back down and told us what had happened. We all went upstairs to meet this receptionist and straighten things out. We met a very rude and sarcastic middle aged man of repellent aspect who proceeded to chastise my young friend again. It seems that although under 25s are allowed in free on Mondays, the 24 hour pass rule doesn't apply. We apologised for the mistake and my friend was charged £10 for the excess time he had spent inside. That should have entitled him to stay for the rest of Tuesday. We all wanted to stay until 3pm on Tuesday when the 24hour passes expired. When we question this he said that my younger friend had leave. I said that we all wanted to return together after an four or so until the two 24 hour passes expired. He stated that he couldn't return, even though he had just paid £10. He said he could lose his job and said there was a rule that no one could have more than 16 hours in the sauna under "Health & Safety" regulations. They sell 24 and 48 hour passes so that was clearly a lie. He said he would photograph my friend and put him on the rogues gallery of banned customers. When I questioned all this he said I was "taking the p**s! We all remained calm during his ranting, but clearly he was a devotee of the Basil Faulty school or customer service. I was then asked to pay my bar bill which amounted to £6.50. I asked him if he could change a £10 note and he very rudely replied, " does it look like I haven't got change, I got a till"! This man spoilt an otherwise enjoyable stay at this sauna and we decided not to fully use the 24 hour passes we had and took our business to another sauna. If you happen to be the owner of Sweatbox and you are reading this review I strongly suggest you sack that employee as he will lose you valuable business. We all have customer backgrounds and were appalled at his attitude. We will return again and sincerely hope he has gone.

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