first timer guide to gay saunas

If you have never been to a gay sauna before, you might find it scary to go for a first time. What to expect, how does it work?  What are the unwritten rules?

In this article we will guide you into the world of gay saunas. Keep in mind that all saunas are different at some point, but the basicly guys go there for one thing, have a good time and get lucky.


Sauna entrance

Most gay saunas have a locked door. You press the buzzer and the door will open. 

You pay the entrance fee, and sometimes there is an additional charge for towel rent, or flip flops if you need them. After that you get a locker key, and head to the changing room.

Take your time, and get your clothes of. Don't worry, the sauna boys usually have seen already many dicks. If you already get a boner because of the excitement, that's nothing  to be ashamed of, in contrary, it's more a bonus!

In most saunas the guys walk around in a towel, some will run around naked. Some saunas have theme nights where it's naked only.

You leave your belongings in the locker. Usually there is a small cord with the locker key you can wear around your wrist or ankle. But there are also more advanced ones with a code.