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Show large mapSodade
10 Triptolemou street
Athens, Greece

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What is it?

Sodade is a stylish bar / club, and currently the gay place for the very young guys in Athens.

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food, friendly staff, smoking area, security



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When is it?

mon-sun –

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member photo luckystrike
over a year ago   

If you are in Athens for a few days, I don't reccomend you waste your money and time for here. A very small and basic gay bar. I think you will find somewhere more enjoyable. DJ is good; playing the popular pop songs.


no photo
over a year ago   

A night I wille never forget for all the wrong reasons. I have been to Sodade quite a few times and I have heard the stories. People steal wallets etc but I never expected what wil happened to me. The last time I went there someone spike my drink and I end up been found by my friend half hour after he lost me in the toilets in the floor almost unconsious with 100 euros stolen from my wallet. I thought because we went to few bars that the drinks was bad, but the worse was the after. Few days after my visit in Sodade I tried to take some money out from my UK bank account as I was in Greece for holidays and I discover that someone used my card number and bought many things (an amount of 600 pounds took from my account). I discover after this that someone spike that night my drink with GHB and took my details from my card and use it the next morning to buy stuff online. I guess he didn't took all my money from my wallet pr my card to avoid cancell it. I still dont remember what happened that night and I was puking green liquids which this never happens if you are just drunk!!!!!
Never ever again in this place guys. Especially if you are tourists be extra careful to the specific club. I suggest Fou Club or 8th Sin

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