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Beach destinations

Here we will introduce some of the most popular gay beach destinations featured on Lets start with Spain. Barcelona is a very popular destination for it's culture, shopping and gay nightlife, and has also a nice gay beach. Only 30 km away is a small beach town called Sitges. Although very small, this place has many gay bars, clubs and 2 great gay beaches. The season for Sitges is about June - September.

Ibiza is the very popular beach and party island. Season is June - August. In the south of Spain you find Torremolinos, another Spanish beach town. In summer it is a very popular gay destination, in winter the climate is very moderate. Torremolinos makes a great combination with Granada, Sevilla, Marbella and some more cities and towns. All year long the weather can be quite nice in Gran Canaria. In Playa del Ingles you find many gay bars and clubs, most located in the Yumbo center. There is a gay beach. The gay high season is March-June and September-November. 

Winter sun

Escape the cold winter of Europe or North America? Go south! One of the best places, but far away from almost anywhere is Sydney, great city and gay scene. Combine it with Melbourne and Cairns. South America has also some great destinations, like Buenos Aires in Argentina. Brazil is perfect to visit during carnival, Rio de Janeiro is such a great place with it's (gay) beach. Nightlife in Sao Paulo is even better. In Africa your choice for summer in winter time would be Cape town

City breaks

There are so many city breaks it is hard to list them all. Here we present just some highlights, check the list here to the right for information on other cities we list. We start with Amsterdam, because it's a great city and the Nighttours home town. Amsterdam is fun all year round, absolute highlights are Kingsday and Amsterdam gay pride. The other most popular gay cities in Europe are Paris, with many museums and landmarks, and a great extensive gay nightlife. From trendy bars, cool clubs to big saunas and fetish bars with big dark rooms. Speaking of that last part, Berlin is the city of leather, fetish and s*x. Rome is a city with many amazing buildings and other things to see. The gay nightlife is limited, but Italians are hot! In Spain Barcelona is the most popular gay city, followed by Madrid, also very famous for it's massive gay pride. In USA of course New York is a must see.

Gay events prides and festivals

See our extensive list of gay prides, gay events and gay sport events:

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