Open Mind


Open Mind

Great location is you like gay fetish and cruising. Open Mind is by far the best in Barcelona in its kind. Well equiped, spacious, hot guys.

For Spanish norms the dress code is strict, but if you are used to more northern dress codes ......

Membership needed (1 day, 2 weeks, 1 year so bring ID for membership and entry to club)

New location, close to the original one.

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Open Mind
Aragon Nº 130Barcelona, Spain
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When is it?

  • Wednesday 23:00–04:00
  • Thursday 23:00–04:00
  • Friday 23:00–07:00
  • Saturday 23:00–07:00
  • Sunday 19:00–00:00
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Reviews on Open Mind

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2 months ago

Nada justifica un precio tan alto para un sitio que no es nada especial en su género, muchoo postureo y muy poca acción. El esnobismo siempre tendrá sus seguidores...

6 months ago

I found this place overrated and underwhelming . This was the 2nd time in two years I had similar experiences and maybe I just picked the wrong nights , but the place is downright unfriendly . Lots of attitude , and lots of " Dont touch me". There a definite ageist element ~ Im over 50 ~ but I ve been in plenty of clubs in Spain that seem far more friendly. I guess that maybe as a survivor of the Aids epidemic Id like to think gay male spaces could be a little more friendly and less hostile. In my vidit tonight I encountered at least several outight instances of plain rudeness and its a shame .

over a year ago

19 € l'entrée ... allo quoi ! rien ne justifie un tel prix. Sympa mais sans plus.

over a year ago

It's two floors with playing areas, but people tend to look for privacy in a ridiculous small and narrow cabins and the dark room. Mostly mature clientele, but a few guys in their 30's too. It's quite popular but there is a lot of attitude and little action. The loos are busy all the time as it's the place to get drugs in groups. The staff pretend not to notice it. A good thibg is that they have anal showers for bottoms to get clean, condoms and lub for free. Very pretencious, not really a place to have a lot of sex, people walk around for ages looking or waiting for Mr. Right or soneone always better. Quite boring. You better go somewhere else with those 19 euros.

over a year ago

Went Sunday night around 10. Quite a few hot guys there with some serious sucking and bareback fucking. Plenty of condoms and lube available for safe only dudes. I had a lot of gun

over a year ago

Snobby people...too much light. It could be better if the guys were a bit warmer.

over a year ago

Hace unos años era cliente regular . Pero desde hace un tiempo se ha puesto ridículamente caro y no vale la pena ese precio. Por la mitad tengo lo mismo en otros locales . Además con esos precios hacen que solo vayan extranjeros y marginan a los locales. Adiós OPEN MIND!

over a year ago

WOW WOW WOW! It's the best cruise-club in Bcn! A lot of people, very hot men, sex=))

over a year ago

@Peter. Hello Peter, my name is Leon. I am sorry you found us too expensive, but I just wanted to correct some errors. Our entrance fee for members is 12€ and visitors pay 17€ and not 19€ as you state, also the pricing you give for Club Trash is wrong. The entrance fee at the Open Mind also includes a free drink and you seen to give the impression in your comment that it does not. As for better and younger guys at Trash, well I can only say that we have clients of ALL ages, I am 37 and we have people younger and older than myself every night and we make a point of welcoming everybody equally. Younger is not better, it is different! "Better" is obvioulsly a personal opinion, but again we do not exclude people from our club based on on appearance, we do ask, however, that our guests come with hot and hungry desire for fun and as you would expect, keep an Open Mind!

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