Big gay cruise and play club in the basement of the famous Berghain club. Authentic industrial design gives this club the right atmosphere to cruise and play.

The entrance can be found on the left side of the building. Different theme nights weekly. Please check their website for the actual dress code of the day.

Lab.Oratorymen onlygaycloack checkdarkroomprivate cabinscruising areagolden shower areafriendly staff

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Thursday21:00 - 23:00Friday22:00 - 00:00Saturday22:00 - 00:00Sunday16:00 - 18:00
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Zufart Wriezener Bahnhof/ Friedrichshain
Friedrichshain, Berlin
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over a year ago

Absolutely the best place in the would to have unlimited sex! A lot of bareback action without limits. I really love this place! The entrace fee and drinks are cheap. I really recommend this place!!

over a year ago

Probably the best place to get laid. It was my first visit on Sunday with naked theme. Hundreds of horny men inside. All shapes and sizes and age ranges, also all colours. There were some twinks - both top and bottom, to the big bears, but not many oldies, as in those above 60's. I'm bottom & Asian and my ass was wrecked by 4 hot white hunks within 2 hours. The German guys are well blessed, and they certainly know how to flaunt and use it!
Also, the Germans don't do much talking as they seem to come here just to fuck. Those who stand around chatting tend to be tourists or non-German living in Berlin, chatting in English.
The entry costs €8 (Jan'19). I'm not sure if there's a policy of minimum 1 drink or not because I saw someone still drinking when they already got dressed ready to leave. But the drink prices are reasonable anyway - like €3 ish, so if they have that policy you'll pay approx €11-12 minimum.
On my visit I didn't see anyone having any troubles with the doormen. Although they don't seem to be the friendliest or nicest guys on earth, but no intimidation whatsoever. They even seem to speak some English. The bar men are nicer of course. Some are even very hot.
On Sundays the door open at 4pm and close at 6pm. However, the club was peak at between 6-7pm, then after that people started to leave. So be there early!
Next time I'll try to make it to the Thursday night and see how it measures up to the naked Sunday.
Btw, it's cash-only just like most establishments in Germany.

over a year ago

It's the best place for wild sex in Berlin. The rules are very specific so I don't get the fuss in sone comments, just be on time, don't put perfum and be yourself.
On Thursday it wasn't full but there were enough people to play with. On Friday, although there wasn't a dress code, 95% of the crowd is naked, in underwear or some kind of fetish're going to feel weird if you are in your regular jeans. Lots of people doing bareback, so if you are not into it better to be specific and say it straight foward before playing otherwise they might assune you are a raw fucker.
The only issue I have noticed is tgat people start playing more after 1 am when they are drunk or have chatted for a long time with their mates in the, going around 10pm will make you wait three hours for a real hot group action, but it's worth it.

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