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Weihburggasse 18-20, 1010 Wien, Austria
Vienna, Austria

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What is it?

Sauna that advertises itself as the most beautiful sauna in the world.

Restaurant, bar, lounge, spa with sauna, massage, wintergarden and different relaxation rooms.

The Kaiserbruendl is a historic turkish bath, opening its doors in 1889 for the first time. It's located in the historic city center, a few steps from St. Stephen's Cathedral and right next to the Franciscans' Monastery - these fact itself is already erotical.....

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When is it?

mon-thu 14:00–00:00, fri-sat 14:00–02:00, sun 14:00–00:00

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no photo
15 days ago   

I visited this sauna on Sunday around 18:00 There were some people, mostly in their 30's 40's which I like, but few 20's as well. I found less attitude than in other cities, it wasn't that bad, I had action with 4 or 5 guys, but it took a ccuple of hours. I was told that Sunday after 15:00 is the best time. I would try it again if I ever come back to Vienna.


no photo
8 months ago

Ik ben gay zoekt man voor anal sex


no photo
over a year ago   

I've travelled Europe for 2 years and visited many gay Saunas and spas. Sometimes negative reviews occur because the reviewer didn't get sex, or felt like they were 'not in the right place' and feeling rejected, subsequently dislike a venue.

Let me be clear. I was certainly not rejected at this venue. I was possibly the youngest (I'm 30), and slimmest person in the entire place. I was constantly followed around by people and in one instance had to tell a man to stop trying to touch me (Nein Danke didn't seem to work).

Even so, older patrons do not necessarily cause a venue to be rated badly. The bathhouses in budapest are filled with dirty old men, but they are beautiful and clean and worth the money.

Kaiserbrundl was dark, miserable, and actually dirty. There was dirt and grime and mould on the walls and steps and floor. The pool was much smaller than it appears in the photos and the water was brown/green and cold. The showers were terrible (run for 4 seconds and then require you to push the button again and again and again) and the steamrooms were mouldy and gross. The bar was filled with cigarette smoke.

The saddest part about all of this is that the sauna has such potential if it were taken care of and cleaned. It could be beautiful (like I imagine it once was). This sad depreciation of beauty (a longing of what once was and no longer can be) sadly parallels the clients that visit the venue.

If it only cost me 5 euros, I'd still be disappointed. But it cost 20 euros and was abysmal.

To be clear, you will leave this place feeling dirty and unfortunate and wishing you'd spent however long you were inside, outside.


no photo
over a year ago   

Hi, guys! Honestly, nothing inside attracted to have sex. It's more boudoir or rest rooms for aging gay with beer bellies in a semi-Indian, semi-Roman style. Maybe I was in bear-day? Nope, just Friday evening )) It seems, people walking around search for an exit, not a partner - sauna is so large. BTW, When I left, I was given someone else's expense for the drink, which drunk 5 persons, no less. Hey, bartender, I just arrived one hour ago! But I liked his honest eyes :)


no photo
over a year ago

sauna for smokers only. non smokers are not welkome.whats the shame.


no photo
over a year ago   

Ok, i went there on Wed at 830pm today. The host was completely so rude when i asked if its pack and how many people now. He suddenly fired at me that "why i have to ask such a question, why you wanted to know and local people here they never asked such a thing. I dont get! and you shouldnt ask that. People dont like it here...!" and go on and on and on.... then he came down after 5 mins.

Of course, i decided not to continue to get inside! So no further review! but from the crowd that i could see from the front, they were at their 40'-50'.

note : the rude host mentioned (after he came down) that there was a night that the place was packed with 500-600 ppl. and its very slow in Summer time (July-August) and will busy again in Winter... this was what that rude host say... so Good luck, guys!

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