East Side Club

East Side Club
gay sauna
mon-wed 24h, wed-sun 24h
4 reviews
Rated 2.9/5 based on 11 user reviews
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227 East 56th Street
New York, NY, USA

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What is it?

Sauna at East 56th Street. With a labyrinth on 2 floors and different saunas.

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private cabines, cruising area, jacuzzi, dry sauna



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When is it?

mon-wed 24h, wed-sun 24h

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no photo
over a year ago   

This place would not be so bad... if it was not crowded with soon-to-be-dead people. They look decaying, they talk loud, they touch you without asking, they smell bad, and they act rude. Damn I hate them old fellows! Just because you are at the verge of death, you should not act as if you owned the place!

It’s a good thing that pretty soon nature will see that we all get rid of you!

Amen to that!


no photo
over a year ago   

I was a little concerned about all the negative reviews for this place but I ususally take reveiws with a pinch of salt as everyones opinion is different.

The doorway to the entrance is a little hard to find when you've never been before. The entrance is a lift inside a small doorway next to lips, it has no external markings, probably for safety reasons. Press number 6 button and away you go.

The man on the reception was polite and welcoming. He explained everything to me and I chose a room with a bed. It's not cheap for a first timer but NY isn't a cheap city to start with. There are 3 floors inside, the floor you enter on has lockers, a small sauna which holds more than 3 people as previously mentioned, some guys clearly like to exagerate and a small steam room. They were clean and well maintained. The upper and lower floor has the rooms with beds. My room was clean and smelled fresh. Sauna corridors are warm. There is also a small tv room on the middle floor with everyday tv channels.

The guys are mostly older which I prefer but there were a few younger guys. I had fun so couldn't ask for more.

I have been to saunas all over the world and this one is no worse or better than most. Use it or lose it. Go to have a good time and don't blame the surroundings if you don't.


no photo
over a year ago

1/25 Unfortunately, after reading the below reviews, I'd decided, once again, after 30-plus-years, not to enter the doors of the East Side Sauna (ESS). Apparently, most things haven't changed. I recall standing in the foley of the ESS for the first, and only time in the late 70s, and "felt" like a few of the men in the below reviews - I'd turned and walked away! Now, 30/plus years, and as a healthy elder, it saddens me to know that a total new generation still have to deal with the "shame" of seeking a few hours of compassion! Baths y Sauna are the only safety net these's days, and they should be maintained, and operated by "caring individuals".


no photo
over a year ago   

This sauna was soooo bad on so many levels for the price i paid! Terrible compared to saunas I've visited in europe. Such a shame for a big city like NYC it doesn't have any good saunas.

I went twice to see may be the 2nd time will be better but no it was even worse..I asked the guy at the door how many guys r in there and he lied he said theres like 15 but there was only me and a couple of others

This place is so grim and depressing...the facilities r very much below par, it has a tiny little steam room, sauna and its cold when u walk around...the south american cleaner told me he will only show me around the place only if i tip him

Better stay away and don't waste ur money!

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