G-A-Y Late

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G-A-Y Late

G-A-Y Late is the late night sister bar of the one in Old Comptonstreet.

Popular pop and dance songs on many LCD screens around the venue, which is where the whole budget on decor was spend.

Young crowd and usually a long cue in weekends at the door.
Open every night, Sundays it is only one of the few late options in Soho, so usually a cue. Get a flyer before at G-A-Y bar to get in.

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G-A-Y Late
5 Goslett YardLondon, UK
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When is it?

  • Monday 23:00–03:00
  • Tuesday 23:00–03:00
  • Wednesday 23:00–03:00
  • Thursday 23:00–03:00
  • Friday 23:00–03:00
  • Saturday 23:00–03:00
  • Sunday 23:00–03:00
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Reviews on G-A-Y Late

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6 months ago

I have had the same experience, only been three times and twice refused. First time “too drunk” but it transpires it was intact the company I was with that were not liked but staff. The last time, last night I was queing with a couple I had met out earlier in the night. In the queue the security man said one of the girls looked “too drunk” so would need to blow into a breatherlizer, she did this and was fine. I was then asked to do the same which I did. The girl administering it said what I had blown was fine but I was then refused entry? When I questioned it I was told the girls I had queued with said I wasn’t with them and it was their managements decision. So going out alone isn't allowed either now?? Awful place, they just make it up as they go along. I will never go back to GAY lates. Why have the breatherlizer system if someone can pass and is still not let in? Such as shame as the staff in GAY are always fab. GAY lates sort it out!

9 months ago

Horrible staff and security
I was waiting to get in and because the girl on the cue she was having an affair with the security girl and I was on the cut before than her she called security with no reason
So I was refuse to get in

10 months ago

I have been coming here for the last 14 years to Gay Bar and Late but GAY Late is becoming worse and worse. From the door staff to the clockroom the attitude is bad.Even the customers have diva attitude!You are not in a posh place remember! My friends and I decided to boycott this place finally. Do not do the same mistake as me for years by going there to save few pounds on drinks. Bye Jeremy Joseph and his arrogant staff! I will only remember Astoria...

over a year ago

The security on the door at this venue are rude, unprofessional and violent. The coloured female security guard here has taken exception to me and refuses me entry every single time. I have questioned this recently, as I feel discriminated against, having caused no issues - I am not a trouble maker and have never stepped out of line in this, or any other venue, and feel my consistent refusal of entry is down to personal and unjust opinion based on looks. I was initially given absolutely no reason, instead I was physically assaulted as I waited five minutes for my friends to come back out. This woman, who is rather large (easily over twice my body weight), purposefully barged in to me with incredible force, causing me a neck injury, upper back injury, damaging my previously broken arm and resurfacing a knee injury that up until this point had been manageable for the past few years. I am now unable to travel to my place of work until my injuries have began to heal. I was also FASELY accused of putting my head in peoples bags and looking at their belongings, which is simply untrue and amounts to slander and defamation of character. Luckily I recorded all of the audio of this, and will be making a report for the unlawful and unnecessary use of physical force (which amounts to assault), using the data protection act to obtain CCTV from the venue in regards to this, and I will be reporting the security guard in question to the SIA.

Through my own personal experience with these staff members, reading these reviews, and hearing stories from countless people about the actions of the security at this venue, it is clear to me that something needs to be done in response to their volatile, aggressive and abusive behaviour towards members of the public, and I encourage everyone who experiences similar actions to make a report to the SIA.

A few years ago 5 of these security guards, including the one in question, dragged a friend to a blind spot and beat her up, smashing her phone as she tried to record the assault to gain evidence in order to report them. The venue also holds an incredibly sexist door policy, often refusing entry to any women in the queue (Once I was stood there as they walked down and told every single female they would not be allowed in the venue, using the blatant BS excuse of being drunk, despite walking past groups of males urinating on the wall and drinking wine from the bottle while queuing for the venue). Unfortunately for the security, I am fully aware of my rights and under what circumstances a security guard is allowed to use physical violence toward someone. I am also very aware that the malicious falsehoods made toward me on the evening in question amount to defamation of character and slander, and I refuse to allow purposeful untrue statements to be made against me when they A) hold no basis in fact, and B) carry the potential to damage my reputation both on a personal and professional level.

Once I have been assessed by my doctor to determine the full extent of my injuries I will be continuing this complaint further, and will be making the decision as to whether I shall be making a report to the police and pursing damages along with my complaint to the SIA.

over a year ago

I've been to this place many times and i always thought the door staff were completely unprofessional and rude. However 2 days ago I decided I will not go back to that place ever again because of these security people. I went there with my friend, we met up straight after work arrived at about 11.30. Once we got there we had to go through a bag and body search from the two security people at the entrance. The guy searched my friend since he is a guy and the coloured woman searched me. Everything was alright until we got to the cloak room were we realized we didn't have enough cash to leave our jackets. The staff told us not to worry and go to the ATM across the road get some money out and come back without waiting in the queue. When we came back, literally 5 mins later, we had to go through a bag and body search again. My friend was searched first by the man and I was just waiting behind him. In the meanwhile that lady came close to me and i though she wanted to check my bag while I was waiting so opened it and showed it to her like I always do. She completely ignored didn't say anything, didn't search the bag, then gave me a bitchy look and left me wondering what I had done wrong. After that, she pulled her colleague to the side, told him something and they both came back pulled my friend from the cloakroom area (who was there because he was told he was fine and he could go through) and told us we are both too drunk to go inside. Wtf was all that about?? Not only I didn't have anything to drink all day since I went there straight after work we were checked and allowed to go inside one time (my friend two times) they tell us to go to the ATM across the road and then they tell us we are too drunk? How did I go from sober to drunk in less then five minutes? They could even see me at the ATM from where they were standing. They knew where I went. What is wrong with these people? Not only that, my friend was checked and then pulled back because that stupid bitch told her colleague something. Like, didn't that man realize he was drunk the TWO times he checked him? This place is a joke!! I promised myself I'm never going back, I've been getting looks and rude behavior from these people nearly every time I go there (Every week) but this incident was out of order. Never ever again!! This place does not even deserve a second chance!! I was putting up with they're behavior, particularly with that coloured lady's behavior for a long time because I really liked the place but after this never again. Well done G-A-Y late you just lost a very good customer and all her friends who came with her every single Friday. What a shame.

over a year ago

The Door staff are incredibly rude. Firstly one bouncer started off with an arrogant attitude towards me and my group of friends and then later that evening whilst queuing for the toilet we were told we were "Too drunk" and then followed into the toilet. When we came out three bouncers waited for us and the bouncer who had been on the door pulled my arm back in a extremely aggressive way and pushed me out of the club and against a wall. The came along a female bouncer with just as bigger attitude as the male ones and claimed that I ASSAULTED her!! What a joke. My friend who doesn't drink and had a glass of water with her was also told she was "Too drunk " and was kicked out too. When we complained not one member of staff cared and even went as far to laugh and smile at us. This is so disgusting and will never be coming here again and will be making sure anyone we speak to knows just how rude and violent the door staff are here. STEER CLEAR!!!!

over a year ago

Went to GAY before hand had two drinks nothing else before that queued for GAY late for 30 minutes only to Be rejected by the most ignorant staff you can find on the door saying there were 2 out of the 5 of us who could go in while the rest of us were too drunk to go in. GAY late needs to really rethink their staff if they are not happy working nights and dealing with drunks then why are they working there. For a bar that opens for midnight are you not supposed to be able to have a few drinks in another bar before you go in??? Waste of time and all the way from Ireland to experience this sh*t
People before us were drunk and drinking in the queue and they were just let in, just cause we were having a joke between us and laughing they said we were too drunk.

over a year ago

Manipulated breathalizer test to justify door policy:
At the door the woman asked me whether I would accept a breathalizer test because I look like maybe not ok. I just had 2 small beer before, so I accepted. The woman after the test walked 2 meters away with the device, came back and asked me to do it again and to breathe more constantly. After that second try the machine showed 0.89. "Sorry but we cannot admit you, you are not even fit to drive". Later I checked on a website, and with 2 small beers I should have had 0.34. Very strange door policy disguised by "objectivity". Years ago that was a fun place to go to - no more.

over a year ago

This place is hugely let down by the incredibly rude and disrespectful door staff. Such a shame as these establishment are supposed to be a welcoming and safe place for gay and lesbian people and yet the door staff treat you awfully and discriminate against who they want to let in and not. There should be a consistent policy not one where they pick and choose. For example last night they let 4 girls in that have never been before and then stopped one girl who had forgotten their membership card and refused entry saying members only.

. I hope the future seems some improvement in how gay and lesbian people are treated and respected. You would not get a straight club behave this way.

over a year ago

This club is a dive. its full of tacky,shifty, emaciated, and generally dodgy queens who will probably rob you. I've had my phone stolen from here AND had my wallet taken from my bag in the cloak room and emptied. STEER CLEAR

over a year ago

Place is nasty, security is formed by a team of sadistic, poorly trained ego destoyers.

over a year ago

I should have heeded the bad reviews.
Bouncer looked at me and said he was going to breathalise me. I said that was fine since I don't drink alcohol and have never been drunk in my life. He asked me to stand on a spot, I stood there. He then asked me to step back which I did. Then he refused me entry because I was too drunk.
I must commend him for being able to breathalise someone with his eyes, though I must dispute their accuracy. In all honesty, he looked a little out of it himself. I guess the breathaliser threat was said in an attempt to make me turn away and he never produced one because it would prove him wrong and he'd have to let me in.
Not sure whether I was turned away for not looking gay enough or not looking young enough. Shame you can do nothing when they talk bollocks to you because they don't want to give you evidence for blatant discrimation of some sort.
Wouldn't advise anyone to make a purposeful trip here because it seems that if your face doesn't fit you're not getting in.
One star simpy because no stars can't be given.

over a year ago

almost everything was good. The entrance woman in blonde hair was very rude and so unfriendly. I was in gay late like 2 months ago and also a month ago and when I visited the club yesterday the music was still the same what I found a bit boring.

over a year ago

I went to G-A-Y bar last year but they refused me to entry, the man was rude and said I needed a membership card. I think he thought I was straight. How gay people can complain about homophobia and these places acts the same way?

over a year ago

I'm a straight young female and I've been g.a.y. late once with my 3 gay housemates and had a really good night, had a bit to drink but didn't cause anyone any problems and left quietly when it closed. I also kissed a guy when I was inside. Since then they refuse me entry. The first time I tried the doormen refused me because someone infront of me who i didnt know was too drunk? I protested but in the end I gave up and went elsewhere. A couple weeks later i tried again and the doormen and manager claimed I kicked off and kicked the barrier the previous time I tried to enter.... Sorry what!? No I didn't and I was stone cold sober so I remember but they still refuse me entry and in fact have said I'm never allowed in! For what!? After reading reviews on here I've noticed I'm not the only one they've taken an unfair dislike to. So if you're planning on heading down to g.a.y late please don't be a straight female, don't be the only girl with 3 gay guys, don't protest your innocence, and make sure u bow down to these higher gods! Place is a joke. For somewhere that's meant to be gay friendly they're a bunch of judgemental, homophobic, arrogant, lying, stuck up, rude C***S!!!!

Ku bar on the other hand is a delightful place =) go there!

over a year ago

My friend and I attempted to access the G-A-Y LATE club. I have a membership card to the area which allows immediate entry so I approached the man guarding the front door who examined my card and informed me that I would not be allowed access because I did not have sufficient ID to accompany the card. When I presented my driving license, the individual in question walked away, spoke with his female colleague briefly and came back informing me I was 'too drunk' to access the premises (my friend and I had only consumed a cider each beforehand). He had also written on my membership card in thick permanent marker that I should not be able to access G-A-Y premises for a two week period, claiming it was 'punishment' for attempting to access the club while 'drunk'. I refused to let this sad episode ruin my night and we went elsewhere.

I have accessed G-A-Y Late on numerous occasions and not had any issues. Not sure if it was my look, age or if they perceived me to be straight but I feel I was discriminated against by the door staff and will not be giving the business my custom again.

G-A-Y really need to re-evaluate their security procedures. If a gay person was refused access to a straight bar on the basis of looking gay there would be a huge uproar so not sure why these establishments are getting away with it?

over a year ago

Horrid security staff who rejected me on the basis of no ID, yet this transitioned to me being 'too drunk' when I presented my ID and membership pass. They also wrote in permanent marker on my membership pass that I would not be able to access G-A-Y facilities for several weeks due to my 'drunk' behaviour (my friend and I had consumed several drinks beforehand but nothing like they were making out). I have accessed G-A-Y for many years and never had any issues. Can't quite believe the arrogance of the people manning the door. However, I am voting with my feet and will not be back.

over a year ago

They are very good, polite and disciplined, if you stay in discipline , if you do not have membership, simply you can't get an entry, and they tell you clearly when you wait in the queue. i am a member of the club when I have guests with me, I still have to wait in the queue to take my friends in . I respect their discipline and always respected from all Gay Late teams.

over a year ago

This is the worst place I've ever been. Why should you go to a club where they bully you? I thought that it was an open minded place but it's totally not. They are so exclusive they make you feel like a piece of shit. I will never go back, I promise.

over a year ago

Located just a five-minute walk from G-A-Y bar this is late version of it. If you want to keep the party going this late-night bar open sometime between 11 o’clock and midnight but keep in mind you have to first gain entry to G-A-Y and get a wristband in order to enter into G-A-Y late for free. The crowd is very much similar to G-A-Y with lots of twinks and young boys with their fag hags. Make sure you get there before midnight, otherwise you'll have to queue up for at least an hour!

If you want to know more info about this or other bars in London you can check it out here www.mygaylondon.co.uk/london-gay-bars/

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