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mon-thu 21:00–04:00, fri-sat 21:00–17:00
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Dohány utca 38

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What is it?

A cruising bar with a large play area. Some special events on Sunday night. Especially busy on Friday and Saturday. Mixed, younger crowd.

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When is it?

mon-thu 21:00–04:00, fri-sat 21:00–17:00

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no photo
over a year ago   

It's a good place for cruising in Budapest, but far from being as good as in other major capital cities in Europe. A bit untidy and unfriendly, I also saw a couple of guys selling their company to the older crowd...good for them if they both agree. Not bad overall but I'd prefer to go to sauna next time.

no photo
over a year ago   

Friendly, clean and sexy. The only bad thing is that I managed to spend too much money (on drinks, poppers and lube ;) but had an amazing time for sure!!
Sunday after 11pm is also a good time to go!

no photo
over a year ago   

Hi, I am Jan from Belgium.

The last 4 years i've been 8 times to Budapest and i think about around 20 times to Coxx's, yes i go to Budapest for the Spa's, shopping and Sex ... I love the local guys !!
I am in to younger-looking-guys of the skinny type :-)

I do not often write reviews ... but reading some here ...
"What a bullshit"

Coxx's is a wonderfull place !!
Has a very cruisy athmosphere and good music.
Drinks are normal priced.

Personnel is friendly, normal, some are "strickt but correct"; but we are not all the same people ... so i think everybody can find his favorite barman there.

The bar is quitte big and cruising area is also big, its clean and has everything you expect.

Best on Fridays and Saturdays.

From the street you can NOT see how many people are in there.
Do not be afraid to go in, i was a little my first time.

I would conclude:
Go check for yourself, and write a review here, if you think that some reviews here are not honest.

Reply to some here:
* A place for sleeping is called: A hotel, not a bar.
* Try smilling, it works.


no photo
over a year ago   

Do not go to this place!! Actually I still don't understand what just happened. I went in there upstairs that doorman was completely rude without basic human manners and education. Told me to pay downstairs and turned around and said "fucking Asian." I was like wtf anyway I pretended I didn't hear that. I went downstairs and paid at the bar. The bartender is also a racist and extremely rude queen. He said I should pay at the end ok i didn't know. He rolled his eyes. I asked for the password for wifi he said "not for you". I was so disappointed with these so called human beings and went upstairs and left. That doorman banged the door after me. In general I will just never go to Budapest again!!! You are not making a single penny out of my pocket again!!! You racists!!!!

no photo
over a year ago   

i was there saturday night around 12.30 there were many people but not good people , only one or 2 nice boys. staff is friendly, and the club is big , people walk around the darkrooms but this was a bad experience.

no photo
over a year ago   

Nous sommes allés dans ce cruising bar il y a 2 ans et nous avions passé un bon moment.
Nous avons donc décidé d'y retourner cette année mais cette fois tous c'est mal passé.
Nous avons commandé 2 RADLER (bière + citron) 900HUF et avons été servi, même si je pense (99%) que nous avons eu 2 bières ordinaires.
Quand nous avons voulu reprendre la même chose il nous a été servi 2 bières avec 2 Seven Up 1300HUF.
Quand j'ai signalé que ce n'étais pas ce que j'avais commandé il m'a été répondu qu'ils n'avaient pas de RADLER. Quand j'ai demandé ce qui m'avait été servi en premier, le serveur m'a répondu qu'il n'en savait rien et qu'il s'en foutait.
Comme j'insistais pour comprendre pourquoi on nous avait servis 2 RADLER s'il en avait pas et pourquoi il m'avait servi bière + Seven Up sans me le préciser avant le serveur m'a soutenu que c'était ce que je lui avais commandé; il m'a même soutenu que Seven Up c'était comme du citron ou de la limonade ce que j'ai refusé de validé.
Au bout de 2 minutes de dialogue de sourd et en refusant la commande le serveur m'a lancé : « fuck off » en reculant de 2 pas.
N'étant pas un violent à la base il n'était pas question que je l'agresse verbalement ni physiquement mais je lui ai demandé, pour vérifier si j'avais bien compris, de répéter ce qui n'a eu aucun problème à faire à de multiples reprises.
Pendant tout ce temps ce tenait à côté de lui 2 autres personnes, notre premier serveur et une autre personne, qui faisait comme si de rien n'étais alors que le ton montait de plus en plus.
Je me suis donc retourné vers ces personnes pour leur demander de parler à un responsable, ils m’ont ignoré encore une minute avant qu'un des 2 me demande ce qu'il se passe.
Je lui demande s'il trouve normal qu'un serveur insulte un client ? Aucune réponse, je lui demande s'il trouve normal qu'on me serve autre chose que ma commande ? Il me répond que peut être c'est moi qui me suis mal exprimé.
Je lui redemande s'il trouve normal qu'un serveur insulte un client ? Je lui redemande plusieurs fois ce à quoi il me répond : pourquoi faire un tel drame un samedi soir
Cette personne a mis du temps mais c'est annoncé comme le proprio au bout de 5 minutes de prise de tête.
En résumé un bar ou les serveurs peuvent insulter les clients sans que ça choque le proprio et où il faut vérifier ce qu'on vous sert et le prix qu'on vous facture et si vous dites quelque chose on vous accusera et on vous insultera.
A bon entendeur"

no photo
over a year ago   

Went to coxx tonight - 09.08.2014. wasnt sure what to expect coz of the other rewievs, but they are not correct. the doorman is cute, polite, speaks english and he explains the payment thing to you. Messed around with few guys, ended up in a 3some with 2 cute guys just as young and cute as me :) so i recomend coxx

member photo espaco29
over a year ago   

Checked with the guys from Coxx themselves... The bar is open 365 days per year. Not2impressed, don't know why you stood for a closed door? Maybe bad luck...

member photo espaco29
over a year ago   

Yes this bar is open and it's the best gaybar if you want some 'hardcore' fun. Went here several times and met a lot of hot guys. Recommended!

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