Gay Vienna travel guide

Where to stay?

The historical center (see map) is an area of about 1 by 1 kilometer. Here you find most of the famous buildings and sight seeing. If you take a hotel here you can walk to most places. The area with most gay bars, clubs and saunas is a bit on the south side of the center, see this map link.

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Vienna gay guide

Vienna is the capital of Austria. The city has many famous beautiful old buildings, palaces and well know places like the Spanish Riding School and the famous Opera.

Where to stay in Vienna?

Where to stay in Vienna?

Stay somewhere in the old city center, then all the sight seeing is on walking distance. For some places you can also use the tram or metro. The gay bars and clubs are located in one area mostly. Check out our hotel page for maps of hotels near the gay places and recommendations.

Hotel recommendations and map

Gay bars, clubs and saunas

Here is a list of the most popular gay clubs, bars and gay saunas. Please write a review if you have been to any of these!