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Go Sitges

Go Sitges

Sitges is the gay beach town of Barcelona. It is only a small town but has many gay bars and clubs, gay restaurants and 2 gay beaches. The perfect holiday combination is a few days Barcelona combined with a week on the beach in Sitges. Barcelona is only 40 minutes by train from Sitges. Best time of the year is from end of spring, till end of summer. Outside the season many places close.

Where to stay in Sitges

Where to stay in Sitges

Sitges offers a vast selection of gay guest houses and hotels. But since Sitges is quite tolerant, you can pick any of the hotels. However, be sure you be near the city centre! It's typical a place where you don't want to walk too far back to your hotel at night (in the centre there are no taxis).

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How to get there?

A day in the gay life in Sitges is in a way quite simple: relax in the sun on one of the beautiful beaches, jump on one of the terraces at the end of the day watching the guys go by, have dinner in one of the (gay) restaurants in the village and experience a thrilling night out in one of the gay bars or clubs. Gay life can be so hard!

Gay beaches

Gay beaches

There are two main gay beaches in Sitges. One is La Platja de la Bossa Rodona in front of hotel Calipolis (our hotel tip). From your hotel room you can spot the cute guys at the beach.The beach is in the middle of the center but very small.
The other beach is Playa del Muerto (gay nudist beach), a gay nude beach with heavy cruising area. When looking at the sea it's at your right: 45 minute walk. If you're a bit lazy better spend only a few Euros on a taxi to the end of the boulevard (ask driver for club Atlantida), and walk only the last 15 minutes along the railway track.

Gay bars and terraces

Gay bars and terraces

After a day at the beach, settle yourself at one of the terraces in the village. For instance at the Parrots Pub you can see all boys come by walking off the beach into the village center After dinner (which is around 10pm) in one of the many gay owned restaurants, you can strawl the bars for a drink. Try to tune in with the local routine, as most bars can be very busy at a specific time, buy completely empty at another.

Sitges gay bars

Clubs and parties

When the bars close (around 3am), you can go to one of the clubs. Organic and Trailer are the popular clubs for a dance late into the night. When you're into some other form of exercise, just pop into one of the sleazy bars like XXL or Men Bar (although they do not stay open that late).

gay clubs


In day time, you can cruise the bushes at the southern nude beach, just across the railway track at Playas del Muertes. After dark cruising takes place at the boulevard, in front of hotel Calipolis. But be careful! There are several cruise bars with dark rooms. The gay sauna is not very popular, as there are so many other ways of meeting new guys.

gay cruise bars and sauna

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