San Jose

San Jose Costa Rica

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The coronavirus has a huge impact on nightlife and events worldwide.

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Combine your trip

link iconFortuna, Costa Rica, 90km

Bocas del Toro Panama

Bocas del Toro is the main island and part a group of islands on the Atlantic side of Panamá, close to Costa Rica. The island is a very popular tourist destination, with many surfer dudes and backpackers. 

Bocas del Toro has no gay places, but many nice restaurants and boutique hotels facing the ocean, beautiful beaches and is next to San Blas the most popular Panama beach destination.

210 km from San Jose

Bocas del Toro Panama

Boquete Panama

Boquete is a very beautiful relaxing area with a very mild climated in the highest part of Panamá. It has no gay places, but very nice boutique hotels, restaurants and is a perfect place to relax a few days.

220 km from San Jose

Boquete Panama

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link iconPanama, Panama, 510km
link iconCartagena, Colombia, 940km
link iconMedellín, Colombia, 1020km
link iconSanta Marta, Colombia, 1090km
link iconCali, Colombia, 1100km