Apollion is a gay sauna in Rome. With jacuzzi, steam bath, dream dark room and relax boxes.

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Monday14:00 - 23:00Tuesday14:00 - 23:00Wednesday14:00 - 23:00Thursday14:00 - 23:00Friday14:00 - 23:00Saturday14:00 - 23:00Sunday14:00 - 23:00
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Via Mecenate 59a
Rome, Italy

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over a year ago

Vorsicht, wenn du die Sauna besuchst versuchen dir den one Pass für 30€,zu verkaufen wir habe die Sauna verlassen und in einer anderen Sauna den Pass für 17€ pro Person erhalten, ob es es dort sauber ist und wie die Atmosphäre ist können wir nicht beurteilen da wir wie gesagt uns nicht betrügen lassen
Attenzione se sauna visita si tenta l'unico passaggio per il 30 € di vendere, avevamo lasciato la sauna e ottenere il pass per 17 € a persona in una sauna diversa, se è lì, pulito e l'atmosfera come possiamo non giudicare come abbiamo come abbiamo detto non lasciamoci ingannare
Caution, if you visit the sauna try the one pass for 30 €, for sale we have left the sauna and in another sauna the pass for 17 € per person, whether it is clean there and how the atmosphere is we can Do not judge because we as I said do not let us cheat

over a year ago

A nice clean sauna with the right temperature and music. If I have a sauna would start then I would copy it.

over a year ago

I went there for the first time this year (Oct 2014) after deciding I no longer want to spend my money at EMC, where they have an attitude of "give us your money, then fuck off" (plus their facilities are rapidly deteriorating to the point of being dangerous — I cut my foot on a broken tile). Anyway, Apollion was a welcome surprise — clean, friendly, apparently newly renovated, and with a nice assortment of men. It seems to get pretty crowded in the late afternoon (I've been back a few times), with the numbers tapering off about 7 or 8 in the evening. Cost is 15 euros for an Anddos pass (valid one year) and 13 euros entrance (vs 15 at EMC!) They have an especially nice pool!

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