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Gay guide to Provincetown

Provincetown or P-town is a popular beach resort, and well know for it's famous Bear Week. But all summer it is very gay there anyway! 

Where to stay in P-Town

Where to stay in P-Town

P-Town is not very big, have a look at the map on our hotel pages and you will see you can pick any hotel and it's on walking distance from the action. See some of our recommendations on our hotel information pages.

Hotel recommendations and map

Featured hotels

The Gaslamp Bed and Breakfast, Provincetown
9.287 reviews
97 Bradford street, Provincetown
Harbor Hotel Provincetown, Provincetown
7.6632 reviews
698 Commercial Street, Provincetown
Sandcastle Resort, Provincetown
7.4619 reviews
929 Commercial Street, Provincetown
Provincetown Inn, Provincetown
8.2560 reviews
1 Commercial Street, Provincetown