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Paris is one of the biggest cities in Europe. Fortunately for the gay tourist, the main gay nightlife is concentrated in one area, Le Marais. Most gay bars, clubs and gay saunas can be found in the 3rd and 4th arrondissement. For some parties you have to travel a bit more, either by Metro or by taxi.Most popular gay bars can be found in Le Marais (remember that name!). There are also many popular little but popular gay restaurants here. Close to shopping mall Les Halles you find some more bars and the popular Le Depot (thé gay cruise club in Paris). 

Where to stay?

<b>Where</b> to stay?

Most gay bars are located in the 3rd and 4th arrondissement  of Paris. This area is called Le Marais. This very popular area has also many restaurants and small shops, and the biggest gay saunas are nearby. It's the most popular part of Paris to find a hotel. 

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Paris gay nightlife

Paris gay nightlife is vivid, lively and exciting. The main gay area is called Le Marais, the 4-th arrondissement between tourist hot spots Le Louvre and Place de la Bastille. Bars usually open at the beginning of the afternoon or around 5pm and close at two o'clock in the morning (the legal and compulsory hour). Some can be open until morning by a special license. Most well-known bars in Le Marais are Open Café (lot of tourists), the RAIDD (with strippers in a shower)and Carré Bar (where you can have lunch and dinner too). After a five minutes walk from Le Marais towards the Centre Pompidou and Les Halles, you'll find another bunch of gay bars, like the Banana Café.

Gay bars and cafes in Paris


Although Paris is a huge city, there aren't that many gay clubs. Probably the most famous one is the Queen Dance club, right at the famous Champs Elysees boulevard. It's huge, as is its reputation and the prizes. It's more gay friendly now than gay. On a regular weekend, you'll be able to do some clubhopping via various parties and after-parties throughout the city. To be sure which party with which DJ to visit, just look out for the flyers at the bars in Le Marais. Or pick up a copy of gay magazines as e.m@le, which feature a weekly agenda.

Clubs and parties

Gay saunas and Cruising

For guys who are more into some 'heavy' clubbing (if you know what we mean), Paris will surprise you with a wide range of cruising and leather bars. Full Metal, Keller's, Le Mec Zone and Prinz Albert must be the most famous (and busiest) ones. But be sure you wear your chaps in a stylish way. Don't forget you are in Paris.... However, the most (in)famous cruise club has to be Le Depot, just next to the Centre Pompidou. This club features a big dance area upstairs and a huge cruising area in the cellar. Be sure you don't get lost in all the corridors, with dozens of private cabins and darkrooms. There's also a small dance floor here. If you ask an average guy from Paris whether he ever visited Le Depot, he probably will look at you as if you where the most indecent person he'd ever met and denied that he ever been there. But after a few beers, be sure he'll confess that he knows his way around there. Le Depot is very busy on Saturday nights, both with locals and tourists.

Gay saunas and cruise bars

Tourist stuff

Paris is still one of the most popular cities in Europe to visit. And with reason: incredible art (Musee d'Orsay, Louvre), contemporary design, faboulous shopping, famous monuments (Arc de Triomphe), wining and dining, romantic little squares (Quartier Latin), impressive churches (Notre Dame, Madeleine) and majestic palaces (Versailles, Le Grand Palais). You'll find it all in Paris. Paris is not only attractive for romantic straight couples who need a fix up in their relationship. No, also gays will fall in love with this city once they've experienced every inch of it. It's a cliché, but you can shop till you drop: from expensive designer boutiques till famous warehouse La Fayette, from bric-a-brac shops in Quartier Latin till the awful seventies shopping hell of Les Halles, you'll be able to come back with more shopping bags than you intended to. And gay nightlife is there for you to explore....

Visiting Europe?

<b>Visiting</b> Europe?

Are you visiting Europe? Paris can easily combined with other destinations. The high speed train Eurostar brings you in an hour from the centre of Paris to London central. The Thalys high speed train has fast connections to Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne.

Map gay Paris

Check out the Nighttours gay map for Paris. You can easily locate the gay bars, clubs and saunas online or print the map and bring it with you when you visit Paris.

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