LGBT+ / Gay Milan travel guide

Where to stay in Milan?

Where to stay in Milan?

Milan does not really have a gay area. The gay places are located in several areas of the city. We recommend taking a hotel right in the center, from there you can walk to all sight seeing and shopping and restaurants during the day, and in evening explore the gay places by public transport or taxi.

Milan hotel recommendations and map

Hotel for Milan

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Milan gay venues

Gay night-life in Italy is always limited. Not many are openly gay, so the gay night-life often happens behind closed door. For most bars and clubs you need the national gay membership card, you can get is at any gay place at the door.

Featured hotels

Hotel Berna, Milan
9.04657 reviews
Via Napo Torriani 18, Milan
NH Milano Touring, Milan
8.54411 reviews
Via Tarchetti 2, Milan
Starhotels Ritz, Milan
8.44347 reviews
Via Spallanzani 40, Milan
Hotel Sempione, Milan
7.93595 reviews
Via Finocchiaro Aprile 11, Milan