Gay bars, clubs, saunas and events in Madrid

Gay bars

You will find most gay bars in the gay area of Madrid: Chueca. You can easily find it on any metro map because also a metro station has this name.

Bears Bar
Calle Pelayo 4, 28004, Chueca Map
home of MAD.BEAR which is Madrid's Bears and admirer's club.
mon-thu 19:00–02:00, fri-sat 19:00–03:30, sun 19:00–02:00
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Black & White - Black & White
Calle Libertad 34, Chueca Map
2 floors, strippers, shows, many Arabian and Latin escorts boys.
mon-thu 23:30–05:30, fri-sat 23:30–06:00, sun 23:30–05:30
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El Bulldog - El Bulldog Bar
Calle de San Bartolomé, 16, 28004, Madrid Map
El Bulldog is a gay bar in Chueca
mon-thu 21:00–03:00, fri-sat 21:00–03:30, sun 21:00–03:00
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Calle de Pelayo, 11, Chueca Map
Small disco, not very pretty boys! :-) Bearsdownstairs, drag shows upstairs....
mon-thu 20:00–03:00, fri-sat 20:00–03:30, sun 20:00–03:00
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Mama Inés
Calle de Hortaleza, 22, Chueca Map
To have a drink, and look somewhat around (take a book with you, but use your eyes) a good place to start a day is Mamá Inés, Depending of the waiter, quite friendly, popular in the scene, opens early and offers breakfast. [...]
mon-thu 09:00–01:30, fri-sat 09:00–02:30, sun 09:00–01:30
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Calle del Clavel, 8, 28004, Madrid Map
Mixed gay bar
tue-thu 00:00–05:30, fri-sat 23:00–06:00
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Studio 54
Barbieri, 7, Chueca Map
mon-wed –, thu-sat 23:00–04:00
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THICK Madrid
San Marcos 16 Map
Large gay bar in Chueca
wed-thu 22:00–03:00, fri-sat 22:00–03:30
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Gravina, 10, Chueca Map
Outside terrace on placa Chueca.
mon-thu 22:30–03:00, fri-sat 22:00–03:30, sun 22:00–03:00
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You&Me - You&Me
Calle de San Bartolomé 6, 28004, Madrid Map
Mixed gay bar in Chueca
mon-thu 19:00–03:00, fri-sat 19:00–03:30, sun 19:00–03:00
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Calle de las Infantas, 26, 28004, Madrid Map
Gay muscle bear bar in Chueca
wed-thu 22:00–03:00, fri-sat 22:00–03:30
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Calle Pelayo 59, 28004, Madrid Map
Small gay club in the gay area Chueca. A bit tacky, but the best place to be on thursdays, when all the other clubs are closed.
mon-thu 23:30–05:30, fri-sat 23:30–06:00, sun 23:30–05:30
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Gay saunas

Madrid can be very hot in summer, and the guys are even hotter. In these places you can steam of:

Sauna Center
Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 1 Map
Gay sauna with one small dry and one small steam sauna. But with round about 100 cabins, to have sex. [...]
mon-sun 24h
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Sauna Lavapies
Calle de Zurita, 3, 28012, Madrid Map
Gay sauna, open 24/7
mon-sun 24h
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Sauna Octopus
Calle Churruca 10 Map
Bears welcome! People from 30 to 50, bears, musclebears, chubbies, daddie, polar bears. [...]
mon-fri 10:00–00:00, sat-sun 24h
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Sauna Paraíso
Calle del Norte, 15, 28015, Madrid Map
Young people, from 18 to 45, musculars, fits and shave most of them. 1.400 m2 in Madrid downtown. [...]
mon 24h, tue-fri 10:00–00:00, sat-sun 24h
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Sauna Principe
Travesia de las Beatas 3, 28015, Madrid Map
Daddy / Older / Bear type people mostly in this gay sauna. If you like older people, this is your place!!
mon-sun 10:00–00:00
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Sauna Puerta de Toledo
Cuesta de las Descargas, 6 Map
A small sauna with steam room and sauna. Nice, hot showers and cold shower too. Amazingly clean. [...]
mon-sun 14:00–23:00
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Sauna Adan
San Bernardo, 38 Map
Gay sauna with (Brazilian) rent boys.
mon-sun 24h
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Gay Cruise bars and clubs

ATTACK Fun SX Bar Calle Olivar, 22, 28012, Madrid Map
Cruise Bar, offers 4 different zones: Bar, ChillOut, DarkRoom, Dungeon. Naked nights: Friday and Sunday
mon –, tue-thu 22:00–03:00, fri-sat 22:00–05:00, sun 21:00–03:00
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Strong Center - Strong Club
Calle de Trujillos, 7 Map
A big place, but also quite expensive, and with an entrance fee of 12-15 €, is the Strong Center. [...]
mon-sun 23:00–06:00
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The Cage
San Bartolomé 4, 28004, Madrid Map
Gay cruise bar
mon-thu 17:00–01:00, fri-sat 17:00–03:00, sun 17:00–01:00
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Dance parties

Noctox - Strong Club
Calle de Trujillos, 7 Map
gay foam parties
info and reviews
Odarko - Strong Club
Calle de Trujillos, 7 Map
ODARKO, is a techno and electronic circuit party. This gay party concept travels around the world.
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Outdoor beaches, parks

In summers, it's often very hot in Madrid. On such a hot summers day, t's really nice to hang around the Lago, a swimming pool outside the city (get out a the metro station with the same name). [...]
mon-sun 11:00–20:00
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Gayfriendly places

Café Acuarela
Calle de Gravina 10, Chueca Map
Very original, very small gay bar and cafe, with some very handsome waiters
mon-thu 14:00–02:00, fri-sat 14:00–03:00, sun 14:00–02:00
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Gay events

Intothetank - Sala Ramdom
Santa Engracia 26, 28010, Madrid Map
International gay fetish pervy party in Madrid or all those into rough and sleazy. [...]
info and reviews
MadBear - various locations
MadBear will offer you a week of intensive partying and fun with bar fiestas, club parties, dinners, competitions, trips, events at the gay saunas, gastronomy and culture. [...]
info and reviews
Madrid Gay Pride / Orgullo Madrid - Chueca / Sol
The gay pide - or Orgullo in Spanish - in Madrid is one of the biggest and most popular prides in Europe. [...]
2 - 5  Jul 2020
info and reviews
Sleazy Madrid - various locations
SLEAZYMADRID is the main Spanish gathering of international fetish men which takes place in the country´s capital. [...]
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