Reviews gay Hamburg 2020

Dragon Sauna

over a year ago

20 EUR entrance and 2 EUR for slippers.
Very clean and nice inside. 50C sauna and 90C sauna + Steam Room.
Smoking room, nice bar with drinks. You can even order a meal there!
Works 24hrs during the weekend.

Went there on Saturday evening and stayed until 3am. Quite many people but not very ongoing.
In the basement there are private cabins, cruising area, 2 slings, cinema, video cabins.

The 2d time I want on Sunday afternoon and it was already busy at noon! Much busier than on Saturday night. Lots of guys for any taste.
The busiest place is probably the steam room. Perfect dim lighting allows you to see just as much as you need. Mostly people get the first contact here and then go out to the cabins. Others go on with anal right there, meaning that they are open for joining. Good for bottoms to have multiple cocks and maybe some cream..

Definitely worth money.