Reviews gay 2018

Hustlaball Las Vegas

3 days ago

Loved last year party! tons of hot guys. I m going back next year. Finally a party in the US Europena style.

Sun City Sauna

15 days ago

The sauna is getting better and better. I've been coming here for the last 10 years or so, and have seen all the changes - full of positive changes. The only negative change was when they split up the venue to create the Moon City, otherwise had it continued as a single venue for Sun city it would've been a wonderful large place.

The good things are
1) the staff are friendly without any stuck-up attitude. They are always willing to help. Sometimes I came with a large backpack, they kindly gave me a larger locker without me having to ask for it. I've never tried their English skills, but at least they are patient with my French, so that's ok for me.
2) the place is kept clean throughout. There's no bad smell anywhere, except from the smelly clients.
3) the clientele is a good mixture of all races, body types and shapes. And of course there're also those stuck-up untouchable adonis, but who cares when there're plenty of fish out there. There was not once that I came here and got out dissatisfied. There's always someone for everyone here.
4) reasonable price, although it has steadily increased but still remains reasonable for what you get. In the past it comes with a glass of free drinks (with an exchange coupon), then a few years ago they give free-flow soft drinks, whilst alcoholic ones are payable. Recently they provide some free snacks too.

Good experience all round in here.

West Side Club

25 days ago

Worst place ever. I recently saw a video of guys being filmed in the club without consent and I was told it was by KEVIN ?( Front desk bum). Never again beware. Greedy, fugly and nasty attitudes from the staff


30 days ago

This place is definitely one of the worst saunas if ever been. It is dirty the steam area is filthy the facilities are not working ( cold showers, dirty broken private rooms, sauna is out of order) and ignorant staff. It is by far not the busiest Sauna it’s just got busy on Friday and Saturday nights when boozed customers from the Clubs arriving.
Some of them are even so drunk they can’t stand up by themselves .God luck if you are looking here for hot guys.

East Side Club

1 months ago

I and my boy stay fun in this club. It was amazing! Really!
Kim (my boyfriend) very love bass music. By the way, we are dating <a href="">here</a>...
So, about bass music!)) DJ was a sweet man with blue hair!
Alcohol was nice, but the food was middle...
But, the club was nice! Recommended

Club Church

1 months ago

S.o.s. Is soms echt leuk, maar wat een vreselijke tijden: van 16.00 tot 20.00. Kan het niet eerder beginnen? Om 15.00 bijv.

Adonis Spa

1 months ago

Don't go to this place if you are looking for a massage. When I went there, the guy didn't give me massage. He was just touching my body without any pressure. Boring experience. He was waiting for me to have sex perhaps. But I didn't go there for sex.

Kouros Sauna

1 months ago

kouros blijft de mooiste sauna van België. Vooral in de zomer is het heerlijk vertoeven in de mooi aangelegde en onderhouden tuin hierdoor is het in de winter meestal rustig in vergelijking met de zomerperiode.
Deze zaak verdient absoluut ook een pluim vanwege het zeer vriendelijk en behulpzaam personeel. Vooral die blonde barman is uiterst vriendelijk en behulpzaam.
Ik kom er altijd met plezier.

Club Hercules

1 months ago

Went there some weeks ago. New dwcoration made it even more thrilling. I was there in an afternoon and quite many men had a gay time there. Nice place.


2 months ago

Had a great evening yesterday Friday. Kind staff, hot men everywhere. The only thing that's missing is an anal shower. Maybe they install one?

Open Mind

2 months ago

Nada justifica un precio tan alto para un sitio que no es nada especial en su género, muchoo postureo y muy poca acción. El esnobismo siempre tendrá sus seguidores...

Eagle London

2 months ago

Eagle? What a joke. Definitely not a gay masc men's club like other Eagles around the world and not even a gay club any more, they are grabbing money from whoever they can and is now 90% straight. Lots of better options in London so don't waste your money on the cover charge to find this out when you get inside. Even the security are now mostly women with bad attitudes.

Vacaya PTown gay cruise

3 months ago

VACAYA /vuh kai' uh/ is a fresh new approach to LGBTQ travel, one focused entirely on you and creating memorable bespoke travel experiences built around amazing destinations, stellar entertainment, and world-class hospitality.

VACAYA charters entire ships and resorts, so LGBT+ travelers have the freedom to express their individuality, make personal connections, celebrate life, rev up, or simply relax… together. VACAYA focuses entirely on guests, creating memorable bespoke travel experiences to amazing destinations, with stellar entertainment, endless activities, and world-class hospitality.

VACAYA’s inaugural season offers a variety of fun adventure-filled vacations including:

VACAYA PTOWN CRUISE ON CELEBRITY SUMMIT: Sailing August 11-18, 2019 from New York (Port Liberty), this 7-night cruise will not only make history by being the largest all-gay cruise to ever sail to Ptown Carnival, but it’s also the largest ship – gay or straight – to ever overnight in Provincetown! Fares start at $997 per person.


3 months ago

The top floor is for naked only, but not much going on apart from most people puffing away their cigarettes after one another or just chatting & drinking. A few oldies are enjoying fisting in their own zone. Most actions take place on the lower ground floor where the cabins and darkrooms are. The crowds are a good mixture of age and sizes. Only a few tourists, but staff can speak English very well.


3 months ago

I wouldn’t treat a dog the way I was treated there. Their harsh and unwieldy ‘bag search’ equates to a personal assault, of heart and mind. Stay away if you value your dignity and self-respect – and PRIDE. Shame on Sweatbox, the disgrace of the London Gay Community.

Buk Kake

3 months ago

Very good darkroom. Lot of action. Be carefull with the change at the bar. The bar men seem to try to try to steel. Payed with 50 euro note a couple of times and they were «sure» I gave them a 20 euro. Money for them right in the pocket I guess.

A Hard Night

4 months ago

Was my second visit to this fetish party in Antwerp. Looks like it is getting better and better. Large enough dance floor with some great dj's if the play area is not your thing. The play room must be one of the largest in Europe. Very impressive.


4 months ago

coxx is the worst club dirty smelly and has the rudest staff ever. they seem to exist to antagonise and belittle the customers. very unpleasant and old fashioned .everyone who was there had a problem with the staff and bad service I can only think these good reviews are fake and written by the staff themselves.. Avoid this place

Sauna Miguel

4 months ago

All saunas in Torremolinos currently closed due 'Health and Saftey' from Town Hall
August 2018

Club Church

4 months ago

I arrived at Club Church at around 10.30 pm and I had to line up for an hour. It was underwear party and after the Gay Pride. It became very crowded around midnight. Guys have sex on the top floor or in the basement.
On the top floor, you can see more or less the guys because there is some light.
In the basement, that is where the dark rooms and three cabins are.
Guys come of various ages. There were two/three girls. Very good atmosphere.
When it is crowded, it can be very hot. Lack of ventilation.