Reviews gay Copenhagen 2020


6 months ago

Went there on an "anything goes" Friday night. Their dresscode is still a rule to go by, but allows a wider range than on a Saturday night. And indeed, anything goes ! The place is very laid-back, with lots of areas and facilities to spend a few hours (with free condoms and lube), and many guys to chat and play with, in various types (from young to old, from toned to chubby). Prices are very reasonable.

Never Mind

over a year ago

Never mind, indeed!! The first time I've ever been turn away from a bar or club. Showed up with my boyfriend, showed my US passport to the security guard at the door, and was told "Not tonight" and asked to leave. We weren't drunk, rude, or obnoxious. Apparently there's some discrimination here against Americans, since the patrons behind us with U.K. Passports were let in without a second thought. Would never recommend such a place.