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Hernani Kalea, 10, 48003, 48003, Bilbo Map
Badulake is a late night gay bar. It's Spanish-late, it gets going when the bars and terraces in Casco Viejo are closing.
thu 22:00–04:30, fri-sat 23:59–06:30
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Dorre Kalea, 1, 48005, Bilbo Map
Bizitza is a gay bar on a popular street corner in the old part of Bilbao. In summer the gay guys and girls hang out on the terrace or standing on the street between the other bars.
mon-thu 14:30–01:00, fri-sat 14:00–03:00, sun 15:00–01:00
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La Korrala
Barrenkale 4, 48005 Bilbao, 48005, Bilbo Map
La Korrala is a gay bar in the old quarter. This bar can look a little quiet early, but can get packed at some point when guys leave the terraces and go inside. [...]
thu-sat 18:00–02:30
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Pilota Kalea, 8, 48005, Bilbo Map
Lamiak is a gay friendly bar / cafe in the old quarter (Casco Viejo) in Bilbao. [...]
mon 00:00–01:00, tue-thu 15:30–23:00, fri-sat 15:30–02:00, sun 15:30–23:00
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Modesto Bar
Barrenkale, 14, 48005, 48005, Bilbo Map
Modesto is a gay bar in the old quarter (Casco Viejo) of Bilbao. Classical layout, narrow bar with a long bar throughout the place. [...]
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logo El Balcon de la LolaEl Balcon de la Lola
Bailén, 10, Bilbao, Spain, 48003, 48003, Bilbo Map
El Balcon de la Lola is a late night gay dance club in Bilbao. The club is located under old railway arches and has a industrial underground style. [...]
fri-sat 20:00–06:00
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Gay sauna

Gay sauna EGO
Nicolás Alcorta Kalea, 3, 48003, Bilbo Map
Large gay sauna in Bilbao on 1000 m² .  Open every day. Most busy times are late Saturday night and Sunday end of afternoon . [...]
mon-thu 15:00–22:00, fri-sat 15:00–09:00, sun 15:00–22:00
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