Gay Athens travel guide

Athens gay guide

<b>Athens</b> gay guide

Athens is a very nice destination for the gay visitor. During the day there are many beautiful things to see, on summer days it has nice beaches. In the evening Athens has got a wide choice of nice restaurants and at night there is a vivid gay night life, with several gay bars, clubs and gay saunas. Like in all Mediterranean countries evening dinner is very late, and gay night life starts even much later.

Where to stay in Athens?

<b>Where</b> to stay in Athens?

The best area to stay in Athens is Thiseio (map). This is a very romantic area, with a view on the Acropolis. From here it is only a 15 minute walk to the gay bars and clubs, and the metro brings you in any other direction.

If you visit in mid summer and want to stay close to the beach, the P.Faliroarea is a good place to stay. It's located next to the beach. See our hotel page for more information and recommendations.

Hotel recommendations and map

Hotel for Athens

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Combine your trip with Mykonos

<b>Combine</b> your trip with Mykonos

Athens makes a very good combination with the island Mykonos. You can fly there or take a 6 hour ferry. Spend some days in Athens, see cultural things, experience the night life, and then relax some days on the beautiful island of Mykonos, with it's white houses, nice beaches and fun gay night life.

Gay bars, clubs and saunas

Here are some of the most popular gay venues in Athens. If you have visited any please write a review for our other visitors!

Featured hotels

Royal Olympic Hotel, Athens
8.24557 reviews
28-34 Ath. Diakou, Athens
Omiros Hotel, Athens
7.92473 reviews
Apollonos 15, Athens
Electra Palace Athens, Athens
8.92451 reviews
18-20 N.Nikodimou street, Athens
Central Hotel, Athens
8.62006 reviews
Apollonos 21, Athens