Flex Sauna Gym

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Flex Sauna Gym

Gay sauna

Athens NO.1 POPULAR SAUNA located in the city center of Athens (Monastiraki metro station next to Omonia and Syntagma area).

The last 2 years sauna FLEX is more popular from before with Greeks and tourists men have cruising spa fun everyday !
You can check out the new amazing different atmosphere after renovation.

Free towel & Slippers
3 Saunas with colour therapy 3 x 8 men
2 Jacuzzi SPA 2 x 8 men with reflexology & ozontherapy
Steam Room 40 men wiht Aromatherapy
TV Room
Free Rest Room
Dark Rooms
Relax area
Snack Area
Free Internet
Smoking area
Music Therapy
Roof Garden with sauna & jacuzzi

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Flex Sauna Gym
Polikltou 6Athens, Greece
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When is it?

  • Monday 14:00–03:00
  • Tuesday 14:00–03:00
  • Wednesday 14:00–03:00
  • Thursday 14:00–03:00
  • Friday 14:00–07:00
  • Saturday 14:00–07:00
  • Sunday 14:00–03:00
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Reviews on Flex Sauna Gym

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5 months ago

I enjoyed it a lot

9 months ago

No Entrance for people over 60
“I tried to enter with my partner, he is (62), and the guy at the register rejected him. The employees are very rude and unfriendliy. They don't have a coffee bar and the place is dirty. If you want to visit a nice sauna I highly recommend Alexander Sauna. Very nice facilities, clean and a great service. You find people of all ages there and the atmosphere is superb“

over a year ago

I have to say that most of the negative criticisms are written against flex sauna is by people who took out the flex sauna because of offending behavio or is from Alexander sauna owner who made a fake profile because it is jealous of the flex sauna that is better than their own sauna.So do not believe anything against flex sauna is all lies.“

over a year ago

What a let down, €12 entrance for no lube, limited condoms ,no patrons and no return pass.
I asked for lube and the response l got was we don't supply lube you bring your own. The staff member who is also the cleaner was rude.
The place is not busy and even though l could say it's quite clean, they don't have the crowd, Both times l was there l saw a few older men and a few overweight bears..... won't be going back

over a year ago

The hottest sauna in Athens for BEAR

over a year ago

Flex Sauna Is one of the best saunas I have visited in Europe do not pay attention to what is written against flex sauna It's all lies.

over a year ago

This place is a disgrace for Athens and the gay community. All the stuff that works there is straight and very rude.Among all this there is a Tunisian guy that works as a cleaner, and in a conversation we had he confessed to me that he is disgusted by gay people and all this is against his religion. he told me that he works there only for the money and also his wife was expecting his second child. I asked him what he would do if his son was becoming gay...and literally he told me that he was going to kill him if that was the case.This place has no respect for its clients. They recently renovate the space and it become worst than it was, and not only that,they raise the entrance in to 12 euros now,they closing at midnight,and also closed some days during the week. Definitely is not worth your time and your money. The steam room usually smells like shit every time you enter. I suggest you find another place to have fun.

over a year ago

over a year ago

over a year ago

Please be advised that the company FLEX SAUNA operates 13 years and is entirely legitimate at all!
The site has been tested by all public health and safety services and has found its place perfectly legal!

Since the beginning of the operation undertaken by solicitors and one of the largest law firms in Athens that advises the space on its operation.

Individuals who defame the site on the internet with fake profile, will be prosecuted for libel under the law no. 32/2015 judgment (Rep. In TNP LAW)
They are wanted by the police in the context of this offense for aggravated detraction enterprise.
prosecuting cybercrime has been informed of the issue and immediately found the Internet every libel on the site owner and staff.
(As well as any fraudulent complaint in the public service will also localized)

LAW: As the Supreme Court considers the no. 32/2015 judgment (Rep. In TNP LAW).
According to article 362 of the Criminal Code, anyone who in any way before the third states or disseminates for someone else which may harm the honor or reputation (simple defamation) is punishable with imprisonment up to two years or a real penalty.

When the provisions of article 363 of the same Code, if the case of the above article refers to defamation offense, the fact is false and the perpetrator knew that this is false shall be punished with imprisonment of at least three months (libel).

over a year ago

Σας ενημερώνουμε οτι η επιχείρηση FLEX SAUNA λείτουργει 13 χρόνια και είναι καθόλα νόμιμα σε όλα!
Ο χώρος έχει ελεγχθεί από όλες τις δημόσιες υπηρεσίες υγιεινής και ασφάλειας και έχει βρεί τον χώρο καθόλα νόμιμο!

Από την αρχή της λειτουργίας του έχουν αναλάβει νομικοί σύμβουλοι και ένα απο το μεγαλύτερα δικηγορικά γραφεία της Αθήνας που συμβουλεύει τον χώρο σχετικά με την λειτουργία του.

Άτομα τα οποία δυσφημίζουν τον χώρο στο internet με ψεύτικα profile, θα διώκονται ποινικά για συκοφαντική δυσφήμιση σύμφωνα με τον νόμο υπ’ αρ. 32/2015 Απόφασή του (δημ. σε ΤΝΠ ΝΟΜΟΣ)
Θα καταζητούνται απο την αστυνομία στα πλαίσια του αυτοφώρου για συκοφαντική δισφήμιση της επιχείρησης.
Έχει ενημερωθεί η δίωξη ηλεκτρονικού εγκλήματος για το θέμα και θα εντοπίζεται αμέσως στο ίντερνέτ κάθε συκοφαντική δυσφήμιση που αφορά τον χώρο τον ιδιοκτήτη και το προσωπικό.
(Καθώς και κάθε δόλια καταγγελία σε δημόσια υπηρεσία θα εντοπίζεται επίσης)

ΝΟΜΟΣ: Όπως έχει κρίνει ο Άρειος Πάγος στην υπ’ αρ. 32/2015 Απόφασή του (δημ. σε ΤΝΠ ΝΟΜΟΣ).
Κατά τη διάταξη του άρθρου 362 του Ποινικού Κώδικα, όποιος με οποιονδήποτε τρόπο ενώπιον τρίτου ισχυρίζεται ή διαδίδει για κάποιον άλλον γεγονός που μπορεί να βλάψει την τιμή ή την υπόληψή του (απλή δυσφήμιση) τιμωρείται με φυλάκιση μέχρι δύο ετών ή με πραγματική ποινή.

Κατά τις προβλέψεις του άρθρου 363 του ίδιου Κώδικα, αν στη περίπτωση του παραπάνω άρθρου που αναφέρεται στο αδίκημα της δυσφήμισης, το γεγονός είναι ψευδές και ο υπαίτιος γνώριζε ότι αυτό είναι ψευδές τιμωρείται με φυλάκιση τουλάχιστον τριών μηνών (συκοφαντική δυσφήμιση).

over a year ago

Very clean sauna,friendly staff,hot guys,best sauna in Athens!iI will go again!

over a year ago

A pretty clean and well run sauna as advertised. I went there on a Friday night, and there were at least a 2 or 3 dozen guys enjoying themselves there in various ways... Nice mix of guys, mostly 20's to middle age, some older guys too. I left there minus a good deal of sweat and a little bit of another bodily fluid. It's a bargain at only 10 euros, no membership required.

over a year ago

over a year ago

nice and clean sauna , many tourists and many nice greek .

over a year ago

sauna on 3 floors, clean, not very big but price in good only 10 euro and people also is nice, sometimes very nice boys it depends from days, more good during week end.

over a year ago

very nice sauna , not very big but people was good and the staff also is ok and friendly. during te week end is more good...

over a year ago


over a year ago

Admittedly it was a Tuesday night but this place was DEAD. Not the fault of the venue...it was just empty. It had all the facilities and was reasonably priced. Recommend you go on a theme night or maybe the weekend when I'm sure it would be busier.

over a year ago

very nice sauna, the best in athens...with nice boys.....i was there 4 times during this week and there were some very nice greek boys

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