The Warehouse

The Warehouse

  • Category: dance
  • Location: Warmoesstraat 96, Amsterdamdetails
  • Reviews: 10 reviewsreviews
  • Tags: gaygay friendlycloack checksmoking areasecuritylive DJsdance floorprivate cabinscruising areahot bartendersfriendly staff
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The Warehouse

This event is listed inactive, below is the original description:

The Warehouse (formerly the location of Club Cockring and later on club Fuxx) has been closed.

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    The Warehouse
    Warmoesstraat 961012 JH  Amsterdam, Netherlands
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    We list this event currently as (probably) inactive. edit
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    Reviews on The Warehouse

    Your review or experience

    over a year ago

    With an increasing presence by people out of the caribbean namely Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica flocking this club. I would like if atleast some music from those places could be played...but good club none the less. cant wait for fun house

    over a year ago

    very very nice club, sexy guys ever, nice muic, i miss only arabic beat, .....

    i need airco!!! and go go dancers, ans sex shows on stage!!

    Pleas do somking out out side, at street.

    over a year ago

    I was in the Warehouse Friday last week and I loved it! DJ Eko was playing so well, with ass-moving beats and a great flow. I had to dance all the time and stayed till the end... There was a nice bunch of people and a good atmosphere. Also, I liked the visuals on the large screen.

    over a year ago

    I like the atmosphere and the music in the Warehouse.
    I am not found of the smoking area; there's hardly any fresh oxygen and no air refreshment at all. Additionally I miss a real darkroom. like there used the be in the Cockring days.

    Why don't change te smoking area back in darkroom en let people smoke outside?

    over a year ago

    The after party after Funhouse was very busy but very nice with very cute guys and very good music. This was better than I ever ever experienced in Cockring!

    Then just a curious question: I didn't go to Funhouse, don't like those big places, but did I miss a lot? Since there were sooo many cute guys, 70% of which were still there when I left at 9 AM! Where do they go next??? I was too wasted to wait and see.

    And I agree about some more airco! And in the "Cockring days" the entrance was free, for a long time, but there were 4 barmen working very hard to serve the thirtsty customers. What happened? Since even when it's packed there are only 2 barmen and not busy the whole time.

    And why did they make the cruising area smaller again? Indeed for 10 people to sit and yeah...

    I hope to find this atmosphere more often here!

    over a year ago

    Nice club, but PLEASE!!! Buy a proper airco
    It's way to hot inside, especially when it's crowded

    over a year ago

    I went 3 saturdays in a row before writing a review because I had very mixed feelings about the club.

    I experienced the staff very friendly and welcoming all 3 times I went there, the coat check is free. Entrance fee on a Saturday is 10 euro which I find kind of steep for the size of the club. A bottle of Heineken costs 5 euro, so if going with a friend you'll easily spend 50 euro and won't be drunk.

    The size of the dance floor is ok, the music however wasn't. Very monotone and not stirring up the crowd which anyone could see but nothing was done about it by the "DJ". Except on my third night, there was a younger French speaking DJ who was able to get the asses moving.

    The crowd was mainly between 35 and 50 years old, any guy with a slim body took their shirt off which I am bored of to be honest.

    There is one bar with some barstools, next to this there are no sitting area's except of the "lounge area" which seats about 10 and is next to the entrance, and the smoking area.

    There is a mini maze with 4 mini cabins, all 3 times I went there was not much action going on besides some groping.

    All in all I liked the old setup of the cockring more, mainly because there were 2 bars and a larger cruising area to have fun.

    I will visit again, but not as often as I would like to.

    over a year ago

    to alex: i do respect constructive review/criticism. i do not respect queeny whining.

    over a year ago

    to alex:
    are you some kind of 'good music' police if you say the music is far from good? if you don't like it that does not mean it is bad.
    if i go out i make the night fun myself or take friends i can laugh with. or meet new friends in the club. i certainly don't rely on the dj to make my night fun. yes, the music is important but it is just a small part of your night out. next time you go and don't have fun don't blame everyone else *hint*. certainly not the djs who don't happen to play your 'good music' - whatever that is. i am sure there were plenty of others who liked it :)
    and how many 'several' parties you've been to since the new year? cause we have had only three weekends so far. lol
    one more - what exactly did you expect the manager to do? i have never seen such childish behaviour at melkweg, air, sugar factory or panama for example...

    giving 5 ***** to WH and ZERO to alex's post.

    over a year ago

    Very nice and good atmosphere last saturday, with the afterparty with DJRW (who has improved a lot!) following on the normal saturday night. Great music! little more light in the cabins? 10 euro entrance? well, ok, I guess that's normal these days?? maybe with 1 free tap beer or soft drink free?

    When I was a student there were no or small entrance fees, more happy hours, free entrance after 4 AM (clever idea! attracting students without much money, so people stay longer), beer for 1 later 1,50 guilder at happy hours, you just went from place to place to see where it was fun...

    You had a gay night somewhere the whole week. From wednesday RoXy, later also BPM, More, friday COC, saturday iT, sunday Trut, and Havanna, April, Soho, Exit disco and Cockring open all week, and everything busy, at least wednesday till sunday. Thermos day and night always busy 247... If you look back, maybe Kooistra and Manfred Langer were more Maecenases than businessmen andor rentingrunning a place was a lot cheaper?

    Or students don't have time anymore, study must be finished in 4 years, mine took almost double.

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