Sauna NZ

gay sauna
, Monday - Sunday
Nieuwezijds Armsteeg 95, Amsterdam
102 reviews

Sauna NZ

Sauna NieuweZijds (NZ Sauna) is a modern gay sauna located very close to Central Station. This sauna is operated by the management of popular Amsterdam cruise club Church.

The sauna has a capacity of 260 lockers. After you have put your clothes in your locker, you enter a spacious bar area, with couches and loungers. A glass smoking room is situated next to the lounge area. Behind the lounge area is a hot tub, next to that showers and dry sauna. The steam room close to it is very large, and is build as a labyrinth.

There are 10 big private cabins, 4 standing cabins, a TV room, a sling room and few open spaces. Free lube and condoms are supplied throughout the sauna. The NZ Sauna is open every day of the week from afternoon till the next morning.

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Sauna NZ
Nieuwezijds Armsteeg 95
1012 NB  Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Event dates
  • Sauna NZ 12:00 - 10:00
  • Sauna NZ 12:00 - 10:00
  • Sauna NZ 12:00 - 06:00
  • Sauna NZ 12:00 - 02:00
  • Sauna NZ 12:00 - 02:00
  • Sauna NZ 12:00 - 02:00
  • Sauna NZ 12:00 - 06:00
  • Sauna NZ 12:00 - 10:00
  • Sauna NZ 12:00 - 10:00
  • Sauna NZ Bears at NZflyer14:00 - open end
    The bears, daddies, chasers, chubs and their admirers meet at NZ! With delicious free snacks and soup later in the day. From 14:00 and onwards (we are open from Sat. 12:00 till Sun. 10:00)! € 21 / € 15 (26 yrs and younger)

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Reviews on Sauna NZ

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3 months ago

yes Jack, YOU had a horrible experience. not the guy who died or the guys who work there.. no, YOU..

I don't get all these bad reviews. I can pretty often, some off the staff have a bit of additude but so do have a lot of people who visit the sauna. but most of the time they are friendly, the place looks great and always enough people inside

8 months ago

Aardige sauna, alleen jammer dat niet al het personeel Nederlands kan of wil spreken. Dat is blijkbaar geen criterium om daar te mogen werken. Toch wel raar, omdat Nederlands nog steeds een van de officiële talen van ons land is. Dus doe daar eens wat aan, eigenaar, en geef je personeel een taalcursus. Verder biedt deze sauna goede faciliteiten en is deze schoon.

10 months ago

Above average sauna, with busy and slow moments throughout the day.
No competition in the city, but well worth a visit. Touch and go who one may meet up with.
Reasonable hygiene. Perhaps management and personnel need to re-visit Boiler for a ‘working update’.

over a year ago

Op maandagavond (27-11-2017) voor t eerst bij Sauna NZ geweest. Hiervoor eens in Pluto (essen) geweest en een aantal keren bij Bolke in Enschede.

Sauna NZ is luxe, schoon, nieuw, verfrissend. Vriendelijk personeel, goed bereikbaar, goede kluisjes, videobewaking, goede bar met uitgebreide kaart, goed wc's met mogelijkheid om een spoelslang te bevestigen. Ik zag dat er regelmatig schoon werd gemaakt, zag alleen in 1 cabine wat gebruikte doekjes liggen, vermoed dat er geen afvalbak was. Overal muziek, dezelfde prima muziek als in Bolke. Niet storend, maar prima. Sauna geeft uitzicht op de douches, verrassend vond ik dat.

Qua bezoekersaantallen was het een goede dag, er konden eigenlijk niet meer mensen bij (dat terwijl het zaterdag nóg drukker is). Bubbelbad zat vol, ook de loungeruimte zat nagenoeg vol. En er waren veel mensen aan het cruisen. Meer bezoekers hoefden er voor mij niet in.

Mindere punten, lees: verbeterpunten:
In het cruisegedeelte is veel te weinig licht, op sommige plekken en in veel cabines is gewoon geen licht van enige betekenis. Mannen kicken over t algemeen op uiterlijk, kontjes, pikken, lichamen, maar je kunt niet zien wie je pijpt, wie je neukt en zo.
De videokamer is wel goed verlicht, maar klein. Dergelijke ruimtes bij Bolke en Pluto gebruik ik altijd voor geile groepssex, maar bij NZ is daar niet echt de ruimte voor.
Ook de slings hangen in het donker, jammer. Je kunt bijna niet zien wie je neukt of wie daar ligt.
De sauna rook niet fris, niet zoals een sauna hoort te ruiken. Pas later op de avond kwam er een lekkere geur bij. Hetzelfde geldt voor het stoombad.
Ik lees op fora wel dat bezoekers van gayclubs vaak ouderen zijn. Gister heb ik eigenlijk alle leeftijdscategorieën gezien die er zijn, behalve bejaarden. De sfeer was relaxed vond ik.

Aan het formaat van Sauna NZ kun je vrij weinig doen tenzij ze er een pand bijkope, een verdubbeling van de cruisingruimtes zou welkom zijn. Maar het grootste probleem vond ik het licht. Een klein rood of blauw ledlampje in iedere cabine (en boven de slings) zou al een goede oplossing zijn, makkelijk te realiseren met weinig kosten.
Ik miste gister een fuckbench, daar waar een bttm voorover op kan liggen. Pluto (in Essen) heeft een fuckbench die gewoon erg geil is om te gebruiken, niet te weerstaan voor echte bttms en tops. Zo'n bench is redelijk klein en past makkelijk in een staande cabine, zou een leuke aanvulling zijn.

over a year ago

The sauna is well designed and has very friendly staff. I had met a cute Austria guy,

over a year ago

Very cosy place. I love the ambience and the staff are all nice and courteous! Kudos to you all. We will be back for sure.

over a year ago

After waiting a long time for this place to open after the renovation that recently took place, I was hoping that things would be way better, particularly with the steam room. Sadly, a stage has been put in place that takes up way too much space and bright red lights! Before it was more dark and seedy in areas, now everyone can pretty much see everyone and everything that goes on there, whether you like it or not!
Sauna has been replaced and is better than before as are the showers and the jacuzzi has been replaced with a larger one, but overall, I preferred it before the renovation.
Staff are great though as is the food and general ambience. :)

over a year ago

Way too small and. A city as Amsterdam need a sauna like the one in Berlin or Cologne, not a very small sauna like this. Too many people inside. There is no room for so many people. They have to reduce the amount of visitors with 50% at least.
The 'improvement' they made..... it is not an improvement. There is now a lot of light at the jacuzzi. You don't want to sit in full light when you are in the pool!
The floor is still wet and slippery because of the showers. It is worse then before.
They removed all the benches, there is no possibility to relax anymore, except of the crowded bar.
And a lot of old, fat men, even saturdays

over a year ago

You never can please everyone but I think NZ is a perfect place to be. Its always advised using slippers in any sauna, so NZ is not different. Sound, lights.....what are we talking about here. Little bit petty remarks i would like to say. Just have a good time always there. The staff is, towards me anyway, always friendly and helpfull if i ask or need something. From me sofar no complaints about NZ. Keep on the good work guys.

over a year ago

- we are going to change the tiles very soon. That was a mistake from the the contractor. So that problem will be solved.
- There are still 4(!) 'old' shower heads on the left and 5 new 'rainfall' shower heads. Enough to choose from and all water comes vertical so in that way nothing has changed.
- We already fixed the sound in the smoking room and will improve that soon even more.
- There was never sound in the cruising area in the past
- We also will change all the lights in the cabins
- The whirlpool doesn't make so much noise anymore and way more relaxed. Usually people walk past by the jacuzzi instead of looking whats happening (sex isn't allowed in the jacuzzi as you might know)
- We put 4(!) more cabins into Sauna NZ so thats a huge improvement. The huge sitting area is very popular and has been a great place to be social, to meet new people and to relax. Most visitors would agree on that.
- We ALWAYS have some cleaning or checking regularly but sometimes its so busy that even though we try our best we can not keep up. We have trash cans in almost every cabin and elsewhere elsewhere as well to use. If someone is sleeping or a cabin has been occupied for a long time and turned out dirty; tell our staff and they will handle it :) Thanks for your input thought but as you can read we are working on it. See you next time!

over a year ago

I was excited about the reopening! I arrived at 7pm. toilet
floor still flooded with the water from shower. which spills out to the hall ( and vise versa)which is too nasty. (always wear flip flops!!)
No toilet paper in two toilets.
Of all the things that could have been improved. They chose to replace the normal shower heads to the rainfall shower heads.WHO ASKED FOR THAT ? Now you get wet hair when you don't want wet hair.
There was no sound in the smoking room, and worse... no sound in the cruising area. The dimmable lights have been replaced with way-too-dark Red dimer lights.(Hint; some of us actually WANT to SEE who we are

fucking with !) In some cabines the lights don't work at all!.
The whirlpool area is more exposed so there is no cosy-ness to it.

The huge sitting area should have been reduced to make more cabines.
There is still no one monitoring the rooms REGULARLY to keep them clean and remove sleeping people

over a year ago

I really enjoyed visiting Sauna NZ. It was down the street from The Citadel, which is the hotel I usually stay at. II was there on January 3, and was exhausted. I walked around the Centraal Station area, then Kelverstraat. I was hoping for a much-needed massage. Alas, the masseur had left for the day. So, instead, I spent a lot of time in the hot tub, which helped a lot. Also the Steamroom. I met some nice men, including one from Switzerland who was fun to play with. At one point, I found myself sucking several cocks in the steamroom. I was there about two hours, and then I felt better. I went up to the Hoopman in Leidseplein for dinner, and then crashed, because I had an early flight the next morning. I will be back again!

over a year ago

het was weer leuk van midag leuke mannen en aardig personeel ik kom snel weer

over a year ago

ik was er van morgen 9 uur tot 14 uur het was druk gezellig heel heel veel mooie mannen heel vriendelijk personeel deze homo zaak staat echt boven aan de lijst daar kan er niet een aan tippen een aanrader

over a year ago

awesome sauna! I'm an American who travels the world visiting all types of sex venues - this place is in my top 10. Very clean, friendly sexy guys and a HOT vibe. I highly recommend on your next trip to Amsterdam and you just wanna escape.

over a year ago

Is die gloryhole-carrouselle er nog daar ???
Lijkt me een belevenis.... Zoveel pikken rond je. En laat ze allemaal maar over me heen gaan.....
Ben weekend 4-5 feb in Amsterdam, dus zeker een bezoek daar

over a year ago

het was weer leuk vandaag gezellig leuke mannen en wat ik het leukst vind je word er nooit lastig gevallen zo als in andere gay zaken echt lekker daar en het personeel is ook zo aardig ik kom snel weer en ik wens sauna NZ fijne kerst toe en een goed 2017 toe

over a year ago

Best Sauna I ever have been. The people for all tastes and extreme quality. No miss!

over a year ago

This place was packed to capacity this afternoon and the first part of the evening. However, quantity is not the same as quality. Most of the men present were well past middle age and the atmosphere was one of despair and droopy man-boobs. Staff were more interested in gossiping among themselves than in serving customers and managed to put a drink on my bill I hadn't ordered. Would not recommend.

over a year ago

het was weer leuk vanmiddag heb mij weer vermaakt leuke mensen en vriendelijk personeel een aanrader

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