Hotel for Zandvoort


Zandvoort and the gay beach

The gay beach is located at the far south side of Zandvoort. When you walk out of the train station walk to the boulevard and go to the left. After a 25 minute walk you'll pass the last beach club at the Boulevard Paulus Lot, walk up the beach, pass beach club Havana and continu for another 15 minutes.

From there it's another 15 minutes walk to the nudebeach area. You know when you have reached the gay part of the nude beach automatically....The gaybeach is at beachclub Eldorado. Clothing is optional!

At the end of a sunny day, the crowd moves back from Eldorado to beach club Havana, to have sunset dinner there.

A day at the beach

It is well known for its racing circuit, the boulevard and the casino, but also for the forested dunes and lovely beaches. Main reason to go there is the beach, which is a popular hangout for the Amsterdam gay scene during Summer.

Bloemendaal aan Zee

5 km north of Zandvoort, you'll find another popular beach resort: Bloemendaal aan Zee. This is the more trendy area, which huge and chique beach clubs like Bloomingdale, De Kust and De Republiek. Here DJ's play all dag &night. This area is a bit more showing off, for both a straight and gay public.

How to get to Zandvoort?

Go by train directly from Amsterdam CS, it will take you only 30 minutes via Haarlem. Don't come by car on a hot summer day, because you're not the only one who wants to spend a day at sea. On nice summer days traffic jams around Zandvoort are huge as there are only two major routes leading to this village in the dunes. And parking space for cars is very rare and if available, very expensive!

gay friendly bars, cafes and pubs

Beach, south
Since beach club Eldorado/South Beach is no more, Fosfor took their place
mon-sun 08:00–23:00

Gay cruisingareas

Dunes south / gay beach - Dunes South
end of Boulevard Paulus Loot
Small cruise area behind the gay nude beach, at the south dunes of Zandvoort. Patrols by local government are more intensive than they used to be, but there's still plenty of action on a hot sunny day. [...]
mon-sun 24h

Gay and regular restaurants

Havana aan Zee
Boulevard Paulus Loot 1C
Mixed beach club at the end of Boulevard Paulus Loot (south). Here starts and ends your walk towards and from the gay nude beach 15 minutes further away. [...]
mon-sun 00:00–00:00
Skyline - The Australian Beachbar
Boulevard Barnaart 12
Gay friendly beach club with a short walking distance from the train station.

Gay beaches and parks

Beach, south
Since beach club Eldorado/South Beach is no more, Fosfor took their place
mon-sun 08:00–23:00

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