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Sydney is the gay capital of the Southern Hemisphere. The city has a vibrant gay nightlife, mainly concentrated at Oxford Street. There you will find many gay bars and clubs that will keep you drinking an dancing all night long.

Where to stay

<b>Where</b> to stay

Most of the action takes place around Oxford street (map). This is also the city centre, with the main shopping streets nearby. Most places are on walking distance from there. See our hotel map for central hotels or visit our hotel and apartments page for recommendations

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Oxford Street

The famous gay street is Oxford Street. Here you find popular bars like Stonewall Hotel, The Colombian and The Midnight Shift. Note that the word Hotel is used for bars as well, you cannot actually sleep at these places :-)

Bars and pubs

Clubs and parties

<b>Clubs</b> and parties

The most popular gay club in Sydney is the Arq on Oxford street. The biggest gay parties are held during the Mardi Gras festival.

clubs and parties

Gay saunas and Cruising

<b>Gay saunas</b> and Cruising

Venues with 'sex on premisses' in Sydney are not allowed to serve any alcohol. There are some cruise clubs and popular saunas. The sauna near Oxford street is Bodyline, which is a good place to go after the bars when you're in a special mood. The big sauna for in the weekend is City Steam.

gay cuise bars and saunas

Gay beaches

Sydney is also very well know for it's popular beaches. Like famous Bondi Beach or the more gay Obelisk Beach and Lady Jane Beaches.