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Cinema Elizabeth taylor

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10 months ago   

left my wife to tan on the beach and went here - paid and went in - its VERY dark so be carefull -

Very seedy which makes it HOT !! I went up to the balcony watched a guy getting sucked so i stripped down nude and that got the attention of a few guys. Soon i was surrounded by five guys all fair to decent looking - i was nude and had eight hands all touching feeling and groping me - i reached out and felt around for their cocks there was one guy that had to be 9 or 10 inches and thick as my wrist !!! I got down in the middle of all these horny guys and started to orally service the huge cock - when i felt a warm splat on my shoulder and head - i knew already guys were enjoying my public display - I sucked that huge cock until he too came on my face all while other guyys were walking up and squirting their loads on me - i was covered in jizz soaked with cum and sweat - i put my shorts back on - afetr t jacked my own load onto the cement - I went downstairs wearing the loads of at least five guys - went into the tiny bathroom to clean up and htere was no paper - I had to use my shirt to wipe off all the cum loads because theres no paper towels or toilet paper - i then went back to my lil woman - i threw the shirt away - to this day we "both" still have no idea what happened to my shirt ! she/we ASSUME it was stolen on the beach lol

i wish i could have kept it

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