Sauna Labyrint
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mon-sun 14:00–01:00
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Pernerova 4 , Praha 8, Karlín
Prague, Czech

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What is it?

The newest and largest gay sauna in Prague:
- finnish sauna
- biosauna
- steam room with aroma therapy
and sea salt saturated steam
- huge steam room labyrinth with aroma therapy
- jacuzzi with high performance massage jets
- relaxation cubicles
- video room
- glory hole labyrinth

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When is it?

mon-sun 14:00–01:00

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no photo
9 months ago

A lot of people have mentioned rude staff when reviewing this sauna. There is indeed one rather rude and unhelpful barman, so I always check out who is working the bar/reception. As long as it is Michal (Misha) you will be given a warm friendly welcome - very cute friendly helpful guy who can also speak good English. The saunas and jacuzzi are fine, the age range is a good mix from young to old. Czechs and tourists both use this sauna. I have had some great sex here, but if it's a night when my luck is out I just sit at the bar and chat.

no photo
over a year ago   

Horrible sauna. First and last time !
I didn't trust the reviews and I wanted anyway to visit Labyrinth. I regret of course.
The staff was stupid and arrogant for nothing. Like frustrated there is noone there. The sauna is huge for 3 dogs and 2 cats inside. I've been to the other sauna Babylonia, it's not the best one I've seen, also empty but at least the staff is a little better. Not hygienic at all, the floor was wet and lots of guys walking naked feet on the floor after having sex and cuming on the floor ...

no photo
over a year ago   

To be honest I did not like it. The sauna is not bad, huge, but not good looking guys at all. I think it was a waste of time. Maybe it could be better during some event. I went there on Saturday afternoon.

no photo
over a year ago   

I get it. The staff are rude and unfriendly. Who cares! We went to the naked Sunday party and the guys were naked, hot (hotter than any other sauna I've ever been to) and they were all going at it! Like a snake pit of sex staring the cast of a Bel Ami movie. Who cares if the staff is rude! I'd rather have hot guys and rude staff than a friendly guy at the door and ugly guys inside.

no photo
over a year ago   

Das Geld für diese Sauna sollte man sich wirklich sparen. Es gibt schönere und freundlichere Saunen in Prag! Diese Sauna ist gruselig und ungepflegt - Steamsauna defekt und bei Reklamation mußt du dich auch noch verarschen lassen...also alles sehr unprofessionell

no photo
over a year ago   

Indeed huge - 3 floors, I think, but little public fuck area. Main place for that is the wet sauna, and how long can you stay there?... I was there on Friday evening and had good fun in the sauna.
+very clean
-smoking in the relatively small bar

no photo
over a year ago   

i was there on a mondayevening. the doorman was charging me the fee and left, not asking me if i need any explanation about the sauna. The sauna has 2 lockers, one for clothes/shous and one for money/phone.. i recieved a code key and a key for the locker.
the locker for my phone did not work wel, i was doing it all wrong, so i needed help with that. The doorman was angry, did not help at all and did not tell me how that locker worked.. with only a handfull of guys in this sauna, he seems to be more interested in the local chat at the bar.
The sauna is gorgeus, big playarea, 2 litle sauna's and one turkish. So, with a handfull of man, i was in 2 hours ready to go.. i hipe the doorman can smile when you visit this place..

no photo
over a year ago   

Went there on a naked day. Mixed ages in the afternoon. Younger men in the late evening. Just enjoyed all the naked men without towel.Not so much action unless in the steam labyrinth. I think tje boys/men from Praha are a bit divas. I miss some dark places in the sauna where it is possible to have groupsex. Too many locked cabins.Why not mask+naked?

no photo
over a year ago   

Went on naked party, in a Wednesday October 2013. The place is huge, clean and good facilities. Arrived around 5 pm, but the party was already in full progress, some 50 or more persons..
Staff is ok, I don’t know why so many complaints . Just pay and go, If you don't need any smile... Don't forget to take of your shoes beyond the area before lockers. Beer is very cheap, as all in Prague, 1 euro half litter. People starts living around 10 pm, so go early.

no photo
over a year ago   

Been there twice. The guy at register on the night
I was there was extreemly rude. Being my 1st time there I did not understand how the small lockers on the
Hallway works. Then he start cursing and shouting
In his check language. Just stupid racist behavior.
The guy was in his 47-50 bear type.

But on Saturday 19th October there was a cute
You get guy and more friendly than the best ugly guy.

The sauna is huge and a lot of action happen in the steam dark rooms . Saturday it gets better after 6pm when more people gets there.

It is a bit outside the old town . U can take taxi for 100cz or metro to Florence station then walk 5mn

no photo
over a year ago   

Very worth visiting. Even though not in the city center, it takes like 10 minutes ride on metro and 5 minutes walk, no problem at all. Rude staff not detected, both the door guy and the barman were not chatty but did their job quite nicely. Lots of guys were there on a Saturday night, many older ones, but enough of everything for every age and taste. After 10pm when I was leaving new guys still were coming in. Very clean. Intense fun in the dark steamroom, which really could be a bit lighter and cooler, but otherwise very playful. Local guys are a bit shy when in the lights, so be more persistent and you'll be rewarded more than once )

no photo
over a year ago   

Really clean, that's what I can say. The thing is, the fantasie that all the foreign people have about Czech guys its only on DVD, there is no such things like those boys from the movies. Do not expect to meet then at this place. I had fun, but honest it was very empty and the staff wearing glasses it's very friendly or at least treat me nice, but the other one that I suppose everyone is talking about its a short bald man, rude and doesn't give a f... about what's going on there. I've been there twice because it was too cold and I was boring. For the cleaners I will give 4 stars, but come on Czech boys, lets make this place FULL, I would go back again because its not expensive and the beer it's really nice at the bar, oh yeah the free wii-fi Internet it was an extra that I really enjoyed. Just wish more boys there. Anyway.. Maybe wasn't my luck day.

no photo
over a year ago   

Best sauna I've been to, no doubt (and I've been in quite a few)! Visited several times in June and it will be the first place I'll go next week when in Prague again.
The reception/bar guy was friendly to me and other people as well (and I don't speak Czech), I didn't talk to him much but buying drinks wasn't a problem at all. Sauna itself is extremely clean, very big (it requires a lot more people but there was always some crowd) and the steam room is the best place! I've never used steam rooms for any fun before but that one changed my mind, all hot action is there! Wish it was a bit less hot and lights were a little brighter. But it is still fantastic.
Went to Babylonia too but it was small, empty and absolutely boring, left after 40 min and just wasted my money. Yes, Labyrinth isn't very central but it's definitely worth extra 10 min travel.

no photo
over a year ago   

Visited on a Wednesday evening, around 9pm, brilliant :)
30 - 40 guys there, mostly younger.
The guy on the door/reception is fine if you make the effort to say "good evening", "please" and "thank you" in Czech, then he was OK with basic english after that.
The place started to empty after 11.15pm.
The steam labrynth is the place for sex and the glory holes upstairs too :)
It seems that the Czech guys are a bit shy compared to British guys, they prefer to touch and sex in the dark, turning very shy and coy in the lit areas.
A good evening with hot guys, I was made very happy twice anyway!

no photo
over a year ago   

I've only been to 3 sauna's and this is the best so far. Staff wasn't friendly but who cares? LOL... I was truly grateful to have read several reviews here before going ( I avoided the young ones who's hustling inside...LOL) The viewing room is AWESOME! Stayed there the most (and saw some live action too)

no photo
over a year ago   

I visit this sauna in the afternoon on sunday may 20th and was the first visitor so i had time to walk around. The entree is in a quiet street. I found the man who works there or is the owner is a normal person, he gives what you want and when you ask something he returns an answer. No problem. The sauna is extremely clean, no shoes in the dressing room and that is good. The big steambath is very nice and the small steambath too. Nice relaxing sauna's and jacuzzi. When i visit i tried to turn on the pool but that was not working. later it did. You can store your valuables in a save with a pincode. There are lots of clean private rooms. When i was walking around i think there were 4 of 5 floors. When this place is packed with men it will be really hot. Now is was empty. Was my visit hot? There were at that early time just after opening three other guys. I get in touch in the steambath with a nice guy and that was hot. After that i left because i wanted to see something else from Prague :) Visit this sauna in the evening if there are more gguys.

no photo
over a year ago   

I think this is the best sauna I have ever seen. Ok, the man at the entrance is not so good looking, and he is not very kind... but he is asked to give you a beer if you ask for it, that's all, he doesn't have to be your friend and finally I don't go to a sauna for the barman.
The sauna is new and it doesn't smell bad! It's very clean, the water in the jacuzzi is clean and there is no dirty foam on the surface. The big steam room is actually a labyrinth, it's very dark, don't go there if you suffer from claustrophobia as do I :) There is also another steam room, smaller, and not dark. In the other 2 floors there are lots of private rooms but also a dozen of free rooms.
I went there on a Tuesday evening: there were more or less 10 guys, the average was 35, some were nice, I had fun but I expected to find more people. I came back yesterday (wednesday evening, naked party): full of people, the average was 30 I think, most of them in shape and horny. It was a pleasant nightmare: my bf and I weren't able to rest for 6 hours, I felt like I was in a porn movie. I think that party is mostly for young guys, I saw some mature men but they looked bored.

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