Le Dépôt
gay cruise bar
mon-sun 14:00–08:00
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23, Rue aux Ours
75003  Paris, France

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What is it?

Huge cruising club next to Centre Pompidou. DJ on the groundfloor, but all the action is in the cellar or the top floor with a huge cruising area, darkrooms, cubicals and a small dancefloor. It's big so you can walk for hours, watching only....

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coat check, live DJs, gogo dancers, private cabines, cruising area, glory holes



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When is it?

mon-sun 14:00–08:00

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no photo
1 months ago   

Visited it december 2015. Due to recent events in Paris, security at the income door was very serious. Not cheap, 15 euro entrance, 2 euro vestiaire for my vest, and another 2 euro vestiaire for my bag. That's 19 euro in total, but 1 drink was included. I call this overly expensive.

The main area consists of a huge bar and dance floor. At my time of visit, a sunday evening, the dj was playing commercial pop music. I didn't like this at all, I found it rather silly music for a cruising area. But let's not discuss the music. Some guys were dancing shirtless on the dance floor, I liked that a lot!

Around the dance floor, you have the cruising area with lots of cabins, dark room/corridors/labyrinth. The place seemed clean (enough) and well maintained.

no photo
over a year ago   

The worst place in Paris : dirty (a lot of bugs in the booths), empty of guys (guys do not go there anymore), guys working there are very unpleasant. Do not go there !

no photo
over a year ago   

This place has degraded a lot in the last few years. I went there after the Papa party, and on Sunday night. It was quite empty on both occasions. It's extremely expensive too: all drinks cost 10 euro each. However, since I like those kind of dirty places, I will go back and hope to find some more and sexier guys.

no photo
over a year ago

It is a pity that judicator5000 had such a bad time. Le Depot is definitively not for the faint-herted or drama queens. It looks to me that either your expectations were too high or you went on the wrong night. I was there yesterday Saturday August 31 and the place was packed by midnight with a crowd 80% young , some of them look like just barely legal to be in. I would say the crowd is horny, young and relaxed. Possibly the best place in Paris to be at nighttime. I am not french, I am also a visitor.

no photo
over a year ago   

My boyfriend and I arrived in Paris hoping not only for the outstanding time during the day, but also for some fun during the night. I am not even talking about getting laid (we have a very active sex life: 2-3 times per day, which is not bad considering we've celebrated our third anniversary a week before), however the idea of spending time in a company of young, attractive boys seemed very appealing. Both my b/f and I are very attractive (I'm 25 6.2 155 lbs, my b/f is 24 6.1 140 lbs) and we thought that a popular club such as Le Depot should be a great place to meet guys our age and have a great time (after all thats why we came to Paris in the first place). Here where the story begins... We arrived to the club around 23:30 and the very fist sight that caught our attention was a black man in his late forties standing near the entrance, enjoing his cigarette. My boyfriend told me that it was rather strange that there is so little movement near the club itself, but I told him not to worry (the nice boys are probably inside having a blast). The security guard on the club's entrance politely pointed the way to the guy behind the counter who apperently was selling the tickets. The tickets werent too expensive, 14 Euros a piece. I was told that we should keep the tickets and exchange them for a free drink inside. That sounded nice, so with a deep breath we went in. The first thing that caught our attention was a filthy looking bathroom, a dark room next to the bathroom that was blocked by several bar chairs and a gloomy stairwell leading down. We had little choice but to follow it. Once we got down we were greeted by an unpleasent smell of weed, cigarette smoke and something else that I couldn't identify. However that was not what turned the smile of anticipation on my face to a frawn. We turned around and noticed that the place is packed with men in their late 30th to the late 40th, the average age of those present was approximately 39 years old. There was NO one in his twenties NOT a single guy..... Imagine the dissapointment. We decided to check out the entire place in hopes to find someone close to our age range. I've noticed that the basement area of this club consists of the bar area with a small dance zone, and some catacombs with a small cubicals and dark spaces (which I assume was for people to have sex in). There were men situatec all over the corridors (not a single one younger then my father) and way below average looking. From the looks of it I could tell that they were bored out of their mind, standing in those corridors next to a wall waiting for something.... Prior to our arrival to Le Depot I thought that my boyfriend and I could have some fun in one of those cubicals with each other and perhaps with a new, cute friend or two that we meet inside, however when we saw the inhabitants of that place we lost the "appetite" and decided to go to the bar area, have a free drink and wait for a while to see if the situation changes. We found two bar chairs located far away from anyone else, ordered a drink while checking the crowd. I tried not to make an eye contact with anyone not to attract any unwanted attention, thus I hugged my boyfriend and we quietly sat next to each other, quietly disscussing what we should do next. Suddenly a creepy looking guy in his early 40th pulled unbearably close and ran his hand carelessing both of our backs. That took me by surprise, because we did everything possible to show the crowd that we were together and not looking for the company. I told the guy that I am with my boyfriend and he seemed to get the hint and left us be. Scarred that such an event could repeat itself we decided that it was time to go, thus we headed for the exit.

If you are looking to find boys 18-29 this is NOT the place.

no photo
over a year ago   

Last good times of cruisy places in big cities had gone away... Many less hot banlieu guys...
You can have (only) good time if hot enough to be liked by local guys.
For me 3 * ;-)... Far worse that before and thats a big pity

no photo
over a year ago   

This place is filthy literally! If you respect yourself avoid it! Better to go to one of the Saunas than waste your money there. I was so repulsed that I wouldn't move from my bar chair until the metro reopened.

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