Panama for gay travellers

We experienced Panama City as a great travel destination. The city is very modern with fancy restaurants, nice roof top bars, and very clean. The gay night life is interesting, but focuses mostly on the weekends.

Many of the local latino guys are very interested in meeting tourists.

Where to stay in Panama?

<b>Where</b> to stay in Panama?

Around Calle Uruguay is a nice area to stay in the modern part of the city. There are fancy bars, clubs and restaurants to visit daily. 

The Casco Viejo is the old town, and is very relaxing, here are also many restaurants and terraces. Many of the old buildings are still waiting for restorantion (badly),there are only few hotels yet.

Hotel recommendations and map

Hotel for Panama


Gay night life

<b>Gay </b> night life

Panama City has about 4 gay clubs and a gay sauna / bathhouse, and several mixed and gay friendly places. The gay night life is mostly focussed on Friday and Saturday, 1 regular club has a gay night on Wednesday.


Addresses in Panama are usually descriptive, they usually don't have house numbers, but refer to an intersection or describe some more popular building behind it. Sometimes it can be hard explaining the location you want to go to a taxi driver, so prepare and write the address.

Many guys from Panama are not openly gay, some prefer to go to the gay friendly places.

Before going somewhere make sure to check if the place is still open. In Panama venues tend to change owners rapidly.



Gay clubs and sauna

Panama Canal

<b>Panama</b> Canal

A must see is a visit to the Panama Canal. At the visitors centre you can see the big container ships move through the docks.

Even better is to do a boat tour on the canal, and experience the locks yourself. Those are quite expensive but we found it totally worth it.


The biggest shopping mall is Albrook. It is on 2 levels and seems never ending. Closer to the main area is a smaller shopping mall called MultiCentro, connected to the Hard Rock hotel.

Gay directory

Gay clubs

Tabou Nights at Bellini
Av. Aquilino de la Guardia, Panama
This club night is only happening on Wednesdays, the other night Bellini club is a str8 club.
wed 22:00– late
XS Club
Via José Ricardo Alfaro (Tumba Muerto); Avenida Juan Pablo II, Albrook Panama
XS Club is one of the main gay clubs in Panama. It has a young crowd, mostly getting busy on Friday and Saturday. [...]
thu-sun 21:00– late

Gay saunas and bath houses

Hamman Sauna & Spa
Calle 32 Este, Panama
Gay sauna / bathhouse Gym, turkish bath (labyrinth), jacuzzi, dry sauna, VIP relax rooms, massage rooms, bar, lounge and internet.
mon 17:00–02:00, wed-thu 17:00–02:00, fri-sat 17:00–03:00, sun 15:00–02:00

If you know more gay (minded) places, add here