West Side Club

West Side Club
gay sauna
mon-sun 24h
8 reviews
Rated 2.4/5 based on 11 user reviews
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27 West 20th Street
New York, NY, USA

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What is it?

Gay sauna located in Chelsea, open 24/7, all days of the year.

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private cabines, cruising area, dry sauna, lockers, internet, no smoking




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When is it?

mon-sun 24h

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no photo
24 days ago   

It was my first visit this club in Sunday afternoon which seems to be the busiest time. Nyc is the most exciting city in the world but this club is the worst sauna in the world. I paid 37 bucks to a black guy at the window. After I signed the membership card he again asked 37 bucks. I really don't know he wanted me to pay double or he just can't remember anything about things happened 20 seconds ago. Anyway I didn't pay double but just be careful if you are a first timer.
There were only few people inside and most of them look like zombies. If you wanna see zombies in the cabins maybe it's a fun place but if you wanna have sex definitely not a place to go. I will never ever visit again!!!!


no photo
over a year ago   

The place is bad, but there are some very nice bubble butt boys eager to be topped for real! There was this young sexy guy who said I was the most amazing top that ever fucked him, and right after being fucked by me, he went inside the cabin with another guy.

But make sure you do not enter the building next door. The guy I fucked said it is used for bible meetings by homophobes fanaticized by Christian mythology, so if you go inside the situation can be nasty, as they will all be begging for your dick up their asses!

Dirty as it may be, it was still quite a fun place.


photo Faviola
over a year ago

Im happy
I wuold like know new people


no photo
over a year ago   

I've read the other reviews and I have to defind this place - if you know when to go. I've been to places in Philly, Seattle, all over LA, and both places in NYC for over 20 years.

West Side Club losing the steam room and video lounge and allowing smoking... all of that ended with the Guiliani era in NYC. He changed all the laws by harassing businesses that dealt in sex. The steam room got shut down then and so did the video lounge. Police sweeps happened once upon a time and people were arrested for indecent blah blah blah. People were seen by these cops getting it on in the steam room and video lounge, so they shut them down.

Anyway, the draw here is NOT the amenities... it is the MEN. The other bath house - the East Side Club - draws a significantly older crowd than the West Side Club does. West Side Club is located in Chelsea, which is an awesome neighborhood.

The time to go here is between 11PM and 3AM on Friday and/or Saturday nights. Tons of hot men are packed in then. Most times you have to wait in line to get in because they are sold out of rooms, lockers, and changing rooms.

I usually find at least 2 or 3 guys that give me a boner on sight when I go during those hours... and there are plenty of aggressive muscular tops that just want to pound your ass. I've seen some HOT ASS scenes here over the years.

It's not a dirty place, it's just old and they don't put a ton of money into the place... you can put it like that.


no photo
over a year ago   

Um horror.... Totalmente uma porcaria, não aconselho a ninguém. A sauna não tem a vapor, somente a seca, super pequena, desconfortável e o chuveiro é extremamente quente e com pouca água. Enfim, se puder evite, vá para qualquer outro lugar....


no photo
over a year ago

I've been there a couple of times. Truth is that the staff is unkind, some facilities may not work (sauna, steam room), and the crowd is mixed. But I knew that. Also, they strictly require an identity document (which one of my buddies neglected to bring one day, and we had to look for other options). I have to admit that, just being horny and not being able to host, I wanted to be sucked and f*cked, and found a reasonably looking and decent man, very energetic, who played safely, and fully satisfied me (I declined more hours of play to go home and have a nice night of sleep after a horrible work day). I think that the club is around the same level of others that I've known in Europe (Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, etc.). So I would advise not to bring more valuables than you need to pay the fees and have sex, it's better if you go with a sex pal, lower your expectations in terms of the sauna itself, and be an adult (hey, nobody forces to do anything that you don't want to do).


no photo
over a year ago   

The place is disgusting...gross beyond words. False advertizing. Dry sauna for 3 people, no steam room, no movies, cold showers with no water pressure, rude workers. Employees act like they hate the place so much, they take their frustration on members (the window attendees). I witnessed the cleaning crew just straightening the sheet, dump the trash and close the room...sheets were not even changed. They don't even disinfect the rooms: cum, pee and poop on the walls. The rooms are nasty and smelly and the sfaff beyond rude...especially the black guy with dreadlocks. The workers enter the rooms or lockers when you're not looking and steal your stuff. For NYC, this is so SAD. Shut the nasty place down to see if those lowlife rude employees behind the glass room can find a real job without demanding tips or overcharging for "overtime". They pocket the overtime money, or at least some of it. If you bring it to their attention, they put you on the "blacklist" to refuse entry in the future. Why do gays put up with this crappy place??


no photo
over a year ago   

Guys I'm English I live close to London. A guy in a bar told me this was a good place to go and to be fair I find NY difficult to find anywhere free and easy where people know what they want. There appears to be no sex clubs like london. So I read the ad and it sounded cool then I read the reviews and most of them are pretty bad. But it's 12 o click on a Saturday night and I'm looking for somewhere where everyone knows what's on the cards. I'm
In a taxi heading there right now and I'm suspicious of the reviews cos they are so negative can it really be 26 dollars and nothing works lets see. I'm a forty year old masculine guy in good shape who has been to saunas in possibly ten cities in UK, Italy, Spain, Prague, Sao Pauli, holland, etc. I hold my own in most saunas. 

So i get there and the entrance is scruffy and yeah the staff have attitude it's membership only and it's not. $26 it's €36 dollars . That's about £23 seems like a con for tourists only likely to go once. I really wanted to write a fair review so I'll try my best. There's a block of four showers and a really old sauna the other stuff (2steam rooms) are closed. But what the other reviews don't mention is what else's there . There are two floors of row upon row of rooms.  I think for an extra 2 $ I could have had one but most guys have got one anyway. The corridors are dimly lit and the place is aged but to call it dirty is unfair. So the clientele. Yup they are older but to be fair I'd say a fit older crowd if you like forty yo guys who are in shape you'd like it. But I'd say there were just two guys under thirty in the two hours that I was there. I was lucky enough to get with one of them. So it served its purpose but Jesus 36 $. It's ten$ cheaper now I'm a member but I doubt id go back. Disappointing for a city the size of NY. But sometimes u just need to get ya rocks off. 

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