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mon-sun 24h
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San Bernardo, 38
Madrid, Spain

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What is it?

Large sauna also with (Brazilian) rent boys. You get one for €50 ... but make sure to agree on what you want. If you have any problem with the Boys tell it to the Staff

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friendly staff, private cabines, steamroom, dry sauna, lockers, security




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When is it?

mon-sun 24h

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no photo
5 months ago   

Sauna glauque, on sait pourquoi on y va... Et ça ne donne pas envie ! Et pourtant découverte d'un superbe portugais boy. Mignon, propre, sexy, viril, tendre et dominant. Le mec parfait, aux doigts de fée pour un massage, aux lèvres accueillantes pour des baisers et au sexe bien tendu pour aller plus loin dans la découverte.

no photo
over a year ago   

Re Gianni below... I have been there several times and EVERY one of the boys have been gracious, amusing, and sexy. Never had a bad experience. Since this place was around during Franco's time one must assume that the authorities have it on their books as an interesting tourist spot for tourists like Gianni. Glad hes not going again.

no photo
over a year ago   

I cannot understand how a city like Madrid so strict about hygiene allows a place like this to be in business! I also believe the hookers inside the place are criminals. No other fair description can be done. The gay community should take action about this place. Locals are not used to call the police and tourists just let it go. Unfair

no photo
over a year ago


Quiero pedirles disculpas por los comentarios que mi pareja escribió sobre ustedes este fin de semana. Tuvimos una discusión, conoce mi historia y se vengó de la peor forma posible.
Disculpas de nuevo.

no photo
over a year ago   

It is not a typical gay sauna, it is a gay brothel in the form of a sauna. So it must be categorized differently.
I visited in April in a Friday around 19:00. There were at least 10-15 hot and sweet guys for every taste. I had difficulty in choosing the one.
After visiting gay clubs and saunas in London, Berlin and Madrid, as a 40+ slim unattractive regular bi man for only the last 2 years (I wasn't practicing gay sex before), I was satisfied at last.
In gay clubs and saunas you don't see the faces you kiss, the cocks you suck and the ass you fuck; you like someone but he refuses, someone like you but you don't, you find someone at last but they left no time to regret, keeping their dick wet and you go back to black, unsatisfied and disappointed.
Come on guys! Even the young and sexy straight go to brothels why faggots should not? It is fast and easy sex, however you like with who ever you desire. For me Adan is a paradise coming with a price, 14 euro to get in plus 50 euro for the guy.
The venue is brighter and I picked the brightest cabin, at last I was able to see what I want to see.
Yes the sauna is old but I do not suggest renovation because I find it nostalgic and authentic.
Keep it running as it is...
How many gay brothels are there in human history...

no photo
over a year ago   

Well, William, you must have handled them all wrong... all mine were a wow, and definitely not all Bulgarian... just one who was fabulous.

no photo
over a year ago   

This was my second visit. Late September 2013. The place seems a little more tidy. But I was not there for a dust search. I visited three times. My first was a very experienced technician from Brazil - a real beauty with pecs to die for - I died. I had perfect sex with a divine twink from Venuzuala; a reala professional pounding from a second magnificent Brazilian with a seriously phat butt (on two occasions and see Black and White); a slightly disappointing beauty from Senegal; a very nice guy from Hungary with good English; a Romanian with beautiful skin and frankly a perfect cock, just perfect; and a stunning young man from Bulgaria - oh he was astonishing. No hassle from anyone, all at 50E each. On the first day, Thursday arrived at 2.00 almost no one there except for the pecs boy... Friday I went at 5.00 and it was packed. Same thing on the Saturday. On each occasion I stayed about two hours. I was treated with affection and respect. First time the office beast was deliciously rude and clearly thought me an idiot abroad. I tipped him when I left. Next two visits it was broad smile, rushing around to get me an extra towel... care personified. If you are 77 and you are still alive and up for it, or if you are a punter prepared to pay... here is paradise.

no photo
over a year ago   

I visited Adan on Sunday afternoon at about 3.00pm and there were only 5 people there; (i.e. 2 unfriendly staff, a Turkish rentboy, a very old punter and me). If you count the two cockroaches on the stairs to downstairs there were 7 of us.
I had visited over a year ago and had a nice time. (You can see my previous review below). Perhaps I just didn't pick the right time this Sunday. What I will say is that the place is old and run down; the walls of the steamroom are crumbling and the general state of repair is very poor. A complete refurbishment would be a very good idea.
Anyway back to my visit I stuck it out until 4.00pm with the Turkish guy showing me his cock at regular intervals and encouraging me to touch it. He was keen to get my 50 euros. Then after 4.00pm business began to pick up as a few more punters and rentboys arrived. One fit active guy I remembered from my previous visit. As the guys were tempting I fooled around with about 6 of them; including 2 brothers from Romania (n.b. although not together). Each 15 minute fumble cost me 40 to 50 euros.
I decided to give the sauna another go on Monday so I arrived about 5.00pm. The usual suspects were there and a few new faces. I had a wonderful massage from my fit active friend from my first visit over a year ago. I also played with 3 other boys cumming with the last who was the younger of the two brothers I had met the day before.
Adan needs a good overhaul to get rid of the cockroaches and bring it into this century. However, if you want sex and don't mind paying for it then it's the place to go. It suits me as I am fat, old and bald and wouldn't normally have boys, young enough to be my son offering to have sex with me.

no photo
over a year ago   

Cool place - good looking boys for rent - had a fantastic Venezuelan beauty who was a great kisser! Will be back next time in Madrid.

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