You will find most gay bars in the gay area of Madrid: Chueca. You can easily find it on any metro map because also a metro station has this name.

Gay bars, cafes and pubs

Angel Sierra
C. de Gravina 11
Bar overlooking the plaza Chueca.
mon-sun 12:00–02:00
Bears Bar
Calle Pelayo 4, 28004, Chueca
home of MAD.BEAR which is Madrid's Bears and admirer's club.
mon-sun 18:00–03:00
Black & White - Black & White
Calle de la Libertad, 34, Chueca
2 floors, strippers, shows, many Arabian and Latin escorts boys. Drinks 11 euros
tue-sat 20:00– late
Café Acuarela
Calle de Gravina 10, Chueca
Very original, very small gay bar and cafe, with some very handsome waiters
mon-sun –
Calle de las Infantas, 12, Chueca
The same owners as Hot also opened Enfrente what means"in front of", so just the other side of the street. [...]
mon-sun 21:00–03:00
San Marcos 16
Bears bar at Chueca, the main gay area of Madrid. Open since 2009. Very packed.
Calle de Pelayo, 11, Chueca
Small disco, not very pretty boys! :-) Bearsdownstairs, drag shows upstairs....
mon-sun 00:00–06:00
Mama Inés
Calle de Hortaleza, 22, Chueca
To have a drink, and look somewhat around (take a book with you, but use your eyes) a good place to start a day is Mamá Inés, Depending of the waiter, quite friendly, popular in the scene, opens early and offers breakfast. [...]
Museo Chicote
Gran Vía,12, Chueca
fashion people, the oldest bar in world, is it true?
Luis de Góngora, 2, Chueca
Gay bar in Chueca. Good music. Nice people. The newest video clips. Happy hour till 23:30
mon-sun 19:00–03:00
Studio 54
Barbieri, 7, Chueca
thu 23:30–03:30, sat 23:30–03:30
c/ Libertad 14
Tàntalo is a very funny bar with weekly special nights, drag show and the unforgetable POST night. [...]
mon-sun 11:00–03:00
Tábata - Tabata
Calle de Vergara, 12
very chochy spanish music, 30 years old, friendly people
thu-sat 23:30– late
Gravina, 10, Chueca
Outside terrace on placa Chueca.
wed-sun 20:00–

Gay cruise bars

logo ATTACK Fun SX Bar ATTACK Fun SX Bar
ATTACK Fun SX Bar Calle Olivar, 22, 28012, Madrid
Cruise Bar, offers 4 different zones: Bar, ChillOut, DarkRoom, Dungeon. Naked nights: Friday and Sunday
tue-wed 22:00–02:00, thu 22:00–03:00, fri-sat 22:00–05:00, sun 21:00–03:00
Calle de los Tres Peces, 30
Madness is a new gay sex and cruise club in Madrid, with over 200 square meters odf cruise fun, slings, glory holes and video rooms. [...]
mon-thu 16:00–00:00, fri-sat 18:00–02:00, sun 16:00–00:00
Odarko - At Substation
Sótano, Calle Montserrat, 30, 28015, Madrid
Odarko is a gay fetish party. It used to have it's own club, now they have parties at various locations.
Strong Center
Calle de Trujillos, 7
A big place, but also quite expensive, and with an entrance fee of 12-15 €, is the Strong Center. [...]
mon-sun 00:00– late
The Cage
San Bartolomé 4, 28004, Madrid
New gay cruise bar
mon-sun 18:00–02:30

gay friendly bars, cafes and pubs

El Apolo
C/ Barco, 18
El Apolo is a new charming gay bar, with a chic sophisticated vibe. The decor is mod inspired with classic furniture. [...]
mon-thu 08:00–02:00, fri 08:00–02:30, sat-sun 10:30–02:00