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gay cruise bar

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Arches 47B & 47C, South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall
London, UK

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This event is listed inactive, below is the original description:

From mid December 2016 this place will be permanently closed.

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We list this event currently as (probably) inactive. edit

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no photo
over a year ago   

It's been obvious for sometime that the owners have become disinterested in The Hoist. It won't be missed.

no photo
over a year ago   

Is SBN going to move to another venue? now the Hoist is closing if so they need to drop that awful doorman if they go to a new venue. He is one of the reasons why a lot of guys have stopped going.

no photo
over a year ago   


no photo
over a year ago

I have heard a rumour that the Hoist is closing down on the 11 Dec.

no photo
over a year ago   

Roscoe below has given an accurate summary of SBN, but I'll give a more recent version.

If you go to SBN make sure to go between about 14:30 and 18:00 as those are the peak hours. Most of the clientele are between 36 and 60 with the odd few guys that are in their twenties. It can get very full on with group activities going on in most corners. Definitely be careful on the stairs as they're prone to be slippery. I can guarantee that you will get groped even if you don't want it, but a simple hand movement will usually deter them. If someone persists then the security are more than happy to have them removed. Lube and condoms are provided. Great fun.

no photo
over a year ago

The attitude of the staff when you email them a simple query is disgusting. NOt sure who Tarquin is but sounds like a screeming queen with an attidude to match. WIll stick to Backstreet from now on.

photo Dennis
over a year ago   

was there 30th August. empty,booring, shit.

no photo
over a year ago

Looking at the review below clarifys that the hoist really needs to sort out its security staff. The current security staff seem very negative and off putting.

no photo
over a year ago   

Be careful with old white security guy. I went there sunday and just got in by entrance. I was bit confused where to go from there as it was dark. Suddenly this guy shouted at me. I really feel like he hates gay at that point so I said to him you didn't need to be so rude. He turned to be really violent and tried to beat me. Another security guy came and blocked him away from me. It was such bad experience. Won't go there again.

no photo
over a year ago

I was a regular at the hoist for a number of years and loved it but I have to echo what the poster below has said. The doorman is the reason I no Longer attend or can't attend. I am no longer allowed in the club because this horrible man has barred me. Why can't they get rid of him? He will be the death of the club. Many guys who went there are simply no longer going there primarily because of him. We all can't be wrong surely? I really miss it actually.

no photo
over a year ago   

I love it on Sunday afternoons and really surprised by some of the negative comments on here about the staff. I've been four times now and they've always been awesome, very friendly from door man to bar staff. Maybe because there's no dress code on naked parties but understand why they'd enforce one on other nights, given it's clearly disclosed on their ads and they're trying to preserve a hub for ceratin sub-cultures.
Sunday's a great party to go to, though: it's plenty busy and there's men of all sizes, ages to choose from - atlhough mostly 30s, 40s and 50s+ with the odd 20-something. It is a sex party so it will get pretty full-on. Don't go if you're prudish or bitchy/judgemental.
Also, be careful coming down any stairs in there - especially if lube gets on them. It can get slippery and I've seen two people take a tumble! Try and keep a condom or two in your sock.
All in all would highly recommend if you just wanna get down and dirty :-D

no photo
over a year ago   

Guys, I want to say to the men below who posted thinking they were ejected/refused entry based on their looks, this cannot be true. The Hoist has let in some truly ugly, fat, obese men, so it wasn't your appearance the reason you were not allowed in.

The doorman, a chubby, white Londoner called Lee, is a real nasty control freak, who has been known to eject guys just because they said the wrong thing or looked at him in the wrong way. Don't know why they employ him, but he will be the death of this once amazing sex club.

no photo
over a year ago   

Truly revolting club, filthy toilets, never cleaned, staff unbelievably rude. Bouncers throw people out of the club or deny entrance in a very unpleasant way, seems that being denied entrance is very common. I was accused of taking drugs (ha ha, big joke, I'm 59 and have never used drugs in my life), made to undergo a "medical exam" to "prove" that I wasn't. If you want a really unpleasant experience, go to this club. Don't expect to enjoy yourself. Please avoid.

no photo
over a year ago   

website advertised free entry in rubber before 11. little man on the door denied it and got very aggressive about it. it may have been a mistake but it was nevertheless misleading advertising. no apology though. just aggression. unpleasantly unfriendly start to a pretty boring evening.

no photo
over a year ago   

I don't really get the comments about arrogant staff and discrimination against tourists. The guys at the door are usually very friendly to us and we are plain looking guys from abroad. When we are in London we only go to the naked parties, though, so violations against the dresscode are not really possible.
One of other reviewers mentioned that there is lube all over the place - on chairs, floor, hand rails and I have to agree on that part.
The action you'll get mainly depends on your own attitude and hornyness. I've experienced lackluster parties and also porntastic ones and during the lackluster ones I just was not in the right mood.

no photo
over a year ago   

Turned away yet again from The Hoist this evening. Apparently, the tourist crowd is especially not welcome. If you're not White, British, Council Chav, don't bother trying to get in. DON'T speak a foreign language at the door, otherwise you won't get in. The doorman is a UKIP wannabe.

The place was great 15 years ago, but now, just awful.

no photo
over a year ago   

I went to the Saturday night SBN during the summer.

I am a fit, slim, good-looking but mature guy. I am not hung.

As other reviews say, this is an mainly open but complex area (with lots of cubby holes) you can expect to watch and be watched.

A variety of guys (but not packed). Perhaps 120 or so between 10pm and, say, 2am (when I left).

I enjoyed some action as top (I'm 50/50 versatile, but I especially love to be bottom). Received oral and gave.

The place is interesting. Action was a little slow to get going.... but towards the end plenty to see, if not as much action as you might expect in a sauna with very dark rooms.

The staff were 5 star. Polite, friendly, supportive (it was my first time).

Would I go again? Probably..... but perhaps for me not quite enough action to justify the time/expense (since I don't live in London). Now that is a statement about me.... and should not be viewed as a general comment.

Perhaps if I were bigger in the downstairs department? Or maybe a tad more muscular?

It is certainly worth a first time visit.

member photo rwp626
over a year ago   

I like this place generally. The naked events are the best there, I think. I have been there when it was packed. Plenty of attractive guys of various ages. Not all guys are attractive but who would expect that. I have never had any problems with the door staff or bar staff.

member photo friendly1
over a year ago   

Great place on the Sunday afternoon that I visited in August. Crowded and lots of options. Diverse crowd and friendly bartender. No boot requirements on Sunday afternoons as mentioned in previous posts for other days. Easy to find by tube.

no photo
over a year ago   

The Hoist is a fabulous place with great guys

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