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Arches 47B & 47C, South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall
London, UK

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What is it?

Europe's largest dress code venue located in London Vauxhall. At night there are usually more theme parties going on. They have leather, rubber nights, naked parties, master and slaves events, and more.

The dress code, which is strictly enforced, consists of leather, uniform, rubber, industrial, skinhead, full sports kit and finally boots and jocks. The dress code applies to all nights, except where specifically stated,

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When is it?

wed 21:00–01:00, fri 22:00–03:00, sat 14:00–04:00, sun 14:00–01:00

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no photo
12 days ago   

I went to the Saturday night SBN during the summer.

I am a fit, slim, good-looking but mature guy. I am not hung.

As other reviews say, this is an mainly open but complex area (with lots of cubby holes) you can expect to watch and be watched.

A variety of guys (but not packed). Perhaps 120 or so between 10pm and, say, 2am (when I left).

I enjoyed some action as top (I'm 50/50 versatile, but I especially love to be bottom). Received oral and gave.

The place is interesting. Action was a little slow to get going.... but towards the end plenty to see, if not as much action as you might expect in a sauna with very dark rooms.

The staff were 5 star. Polite, friendly, supportive (it was my first time).

Would I go again? Probably..... but perhaps for me not quite enough action to justify the time/expense (since I don't live in London). Now that is a statement about me.... and should not be viewed as a general comment.

Perhaps if I were bigger in the downstairs department? Or maybe a tad more muscular?

It is certainly worth a first time visit.


member photo rwp626
1 months ago   

I like this place generally. The naked events are the best there, I think. I have been there when it was packed. Plenty of attractive guys of various ages. Not all guys are attractive but who would expect that. I have never had any problems with the door staff or bar staff.


member photo Fitmusc75
1 months ago

Some staff are friendly and others with a major attitude problem. Different theme nights, the nude ones seem to have the most action. No real private areas so more a place for sex in the open, although there are some darker corners in the maze area. A good range of guys, definitely some hot ones. During the peak of a nude night the toilets were full, guys at the urinals ready to drink your piss, it was hard to get in or out without having hands feeling in your crack and grabbing at your cock. Pretty full on. Good bar, smoke machine creates some privacy too.


member photo friendly1
2 months ago   

Great place on the Sunday afternoon that I visited in August. Crowded and lots of options. Diverse crowd and friendly bartender. No boot requirements on Sunday afternoons as mentioned in previous posts for other days. Easy to find by tube.


no photo
4 months ago   

Never got to see inside. Very rude attendant turned me away for their naked party. "I never want to see your face again at the club" WTF?? Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder, you'll tell me. I am 36yo, 5'8", 135lbs, 6 packs and hard biceps, bearded and good looking. I still don't know what happened that night. Sigh.


no photo
6 months ago   

The Hoist is a fabulous place with great guys


member photo hslut
7 months ago   

will go tomorrow for the NBN sunday party around 9pm !!!
looking after horny tops and want to be "fuck on stage"!!!
french sexperformer


no photo
8 months ago   

Went here on sunday afternoon, but probably won't be returning. Most of the staff have a pompous attitude, and the bag check guy is incredibly ignorant and seething, I gave in my bag, and made me wait standing naked in the cold corridor for ages while he faffed around before taking my money, which I think is really nasty behaviour. These guys have no manners! It's a shame, as the venue is good, just ruined by people who are rubbish at their job.I will stick to The Backstreet in future.


no photo
9 months ago   

Visiting London over the weekend...Went to this place at a saturday night...The guys at the door had such an attitude not letting me in because my boots were not #the right ones#. Here I must add that I am not for the first time on at the places with a dress code and I am a good looking guy in late thirtyes so I normally get lots of attention when out at gay places. But I came to the Hoist from the other part of Europe and what I expect at least is that door mem some decency to expleain how the policy works instead of telling me: "the doorman has the last word". The stuff should have in mind that we don't come there to argue or in any way have an unpleasant conversation. If there is a very strict code about what kind of boots one have to ware to come in - have a pic on your site - because it onlyl says boots, and that includes a wide range of images, at least for me. So, I went back from the Hoist to the XXL beary party. And I can only say - you guys at Hoist did me a favor - the best night I had in London. Strongly recomend!


no photo
over a year ago   

Went on a Sunday night for "S.E.X". £8 each. It was very dark, there was lots of lube all over the place - on chairs, floor, hand rails etc.. Slippery.

Quite rough and raw. Fine if you like that sort of thing although we did see someone do Mouth-Arse-Mouth without a condom so be careful who you choose if you go here. The staff were polite and coat-check was included, although some of the people there lacked some manners - I was touched without being asked. No big deal as it was only a groin grope, but I prefer to be asked. It was a bit creepy.

Overall, rough around the edges and maybe a bit too dark, some nice guys there though. Not for the faint-hearted.


no photo
over a year ago   

Went on Saturday night. The place is not that big, but really nice facilities with lots of places to have fun. Can congratulate on that, there is a potential.
When it comes to people, big disappointment. Was a naked party, and really saw only 2-3 bodies that were fit, the rest old and ugly. And I am not being picky here.
I will try to come back to the place when some bigger / special party is on because I really liked the areas to play. Hope staff could do something about face control and get rid of some pensioners.


no photo
over a year ago   

I went to hoist last night. The Wednesday NBN was on. I had never been to a place like this before and didn't know what to expect. There were a few in but the bar man suggested it was the quietest night he'd known. I saw a couple of people having sex in swings and many of those in there had gone the whole SBN. There were a handful of good looking men, but one really hot guy who I got lucky with. it closed at 1am and we were the last to leave. The place was seedy, darkly lit and there were a few guys I wanted to avoid. I have nothing to compare it with but am guessing it is the way it is attract the particular crowd in there. I had a good time in there and even better time after with my new friend.


member photo Golfo
over a year ago   

Many attitude muscle maries dressed in leather. Then also many growling oldies in the back rooms doing SM and bareback and fisting. In the toilets people are waiting hunched against the urinals to be pissed on and even some want to be shat on.

Place can be really cold, freezing. Some staff are nice, others rude. It's an ok place. Be careful, lots of dangerously mentally ill people there who could harm guys who are naive to the SM scene.


no photo
over a year ago   

Great place! I ve been at Hoist on Easter Monday afternoon till closing time (7.45 p.m). A lot of guys having sex in small /dark area, but it feels good to be surrounded by a lot of horny men. Just be sure to take with you some condoms. Most men do barebacking. I surely wil go back to this exciting club during my next visit to London.


member photo nl020pa
over a year ago   

Visited SBN (fully naked) on Easter sunday. The place was packed with horny guys. Lot's a sex going on, really hot and horny.

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