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Chariots sauna Vauxhall
gay sauna

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Arches 63 - 64, Albert Embankment
SE1  London, UK

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Chariots sauna Vauxhall is the gay sauna near the big gay clubs in Vauxhall. New and clean, but also a bit clean atmosphere.

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We list this event currently as (probably) inactive. edit

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no photo
3 months ago

Love to go to the sauna with someone, bit nervous,
Interested email me,

no photo
3 months ago   

I went in Chariots Vauxhall from 1pm to 7pm both Sunday 07/02 and today Sunday 14/02.
2 times at the same hours to understand if the emptiness of the sauna 07/02 was just a bad luck.
Unfortunately not! Today 14/02 I went to the sauna again and it was still empty!
Less of 12 persons. Only old people and just a couple of guys in their 25/30.
I think this sauna is Dead after the strictly security for drugs and the price so high (19£).
Don't waste your money here and don't trust the review on internet as I did.
I mean the sauna is good, a lot of cabin and clean enough but if you are looking for sex even if you are the most handsome man you will not have fun because it will be empty.
My advice is to go in SweatBox (cheaper and there is always someone interesting/tourists) or some cruising bar because most of the guys go to naked party and spend less.

no photo
3 months ago   

Chariots Vauxhall changed.I haven't use this venue for long time,always everybody on drugs and rude manager.I heard from friends that this place changed so I went to see on saturday night.I have to say I was suprised.No more people on drugs,security searching customers even inside the venue.Very busy on saturday night.Staff working really hard and they are really friendly,There is different manager on weekends very professional and sooo sexy,his arms full of tattoos,blond tall guy,blue eyes,apparently he's Polish.As I said I haven't use this sauna long time but now I'm happy to be back.

no photo
9 months ago   

Visited chariots sauna in vauxhall last Sunday afternoon and I left feeling completely victimised and intimidated by the security staff. I just could not understand the aggressive manner I was treated.
Firstly in the entrance I had to empty all pockets, undergo a full body search including taking off my shoes and socks! The guys said they were searching for drugs and i don't do drugs so they didn't find anything. Ok I paid my £19 went in checked into the locker went had a shower and some steam the came back to my locker for chewing gum. While at my locker the security guys come running down shouting "STAND AWAY FROM THE LOCKER" twice. He then proceeded to search all my clothes, pockets, shoes again! Of course he found nothing and didn't even apologise.

I understand they are searching for drugs and it's their policy however do they have to be so aggressive, do they have to assume everyone is guilty? Anyway terrible experience, no apology and frankly I hope they go out of business pretty soon, Absolutely no way to treat respectable customers.

no photo
10 months ago   

This is actually quite a good facility. Very busy at weekends, all day and all night. Cracking down on substance abuse now since that last incident made it into the papers. You may be asked to be patted down and your bags searched by security. But still my favorite sauna in London.

no photo
over a year ago   

It is 19 pounds for entry which is way too expensive! The food inside the sauna is way too much expensive as well, tiny bottle of water is 1.50 pounds, rip off! There is no smoking area inside the sauna, the staff will make you to go outside the building for a smoke which is disgraceful. The mats in the cabins are dirty and unhygienic. The sauna is almost empty, it doesn't worth for 19 pounds!

member photo Paulfields
over a year ago   

last weekend was planning to go to Chariots in Shoreditch but instead went to the one in Vauxhall. very busy. ok for a one off session. abit steep for basic facilities! might try mid week.

no photo
over a year ago   


no photo
over a year ago   

Hi, I was i August 2013. in Sauna Vauxhall and had a great time. I am planning to come in London on April 3th and stay there till April the 6 th! Since I come from Croatia and Ryanair is flying to London on Friday and from London on Monday! Can anyone tell me if the sauna will be open since is Easter time, so I know should I buy ticket or not (IT IS EASTER WEEKEND ) THANKS

photo Daryl
over a year ago   

The place is full of drug dealers and customers walking around the place drugged out of there heads. If this place don't get shit down we there will be someone found dead in that place like before

no photo
over a year ago   

It's freaking gay sauna. What do you people expect? Silk sheet!?!?

no photo
over a year ago   

If you want to died young, yes for sure enjoy the place!! it is full of junkies, and very dangerous sexual interaction. The place should be close, immediately.

no photo
over a year ago   

I guess this is the most popular gay sauna in London with a lot of sexy guys and hot action especially on the weekends. Most of the guys however, are on drugs so if you don't mind that then definitely go.

Positives: plenty of hot guys and action.
Negatives: most of them are on drugs, it may also be quite difficult to get a prvate room as they get occupied very quickly.

If you want to know more about this place and other hot spots in London check out this website

no photo
over a year ago   

This has the makings of a good venue, but since the entrance price went up to £19 (due to claimed increased utility costs? Did utility prices really go up by 18%)? The venue has suffered a decline in patronage and Saturday evening onto Sunday when the nearby clubs kick out does it really get busy.

No initiative or innovation to attract a younger crowd or have themed nights, just a thirst to relieve you of your money for little in the way of improvements in return.

Lounge area vending machines often out of order or devoid of food (they ask that you don't bring in food items from outside, but you have to in case there is none inside. There is no pass out, not even for their devout regulars. No multi visit passes or like coffee chains but x amount of coffee and the 6th one is free, they could do something similar for multiple visits and one could be free.

The chocolate is priced at 75p but the vend machine is NEVER floated with 5p's so you will end up paying 80p!!

There is FREE Internet, woo Hoo!! But, it's slower than dial up and the 4 pc's frequently crash!!

They have invested in a projector in one of the TV rooms but the range of DVD's shown is limited and repeated months and months later you will still see the same movies as you saw last year!

Staff are superb bearing in mind some of the difficult clientele encountered on occasions, it just suffers from an arrogant and couldn't care less management that should listen to its customers. Arrogance, Greed and ignorance may well be the downfall of this otherwise ok venue.

no photo
over a year ago   

Dreadful experience, I visited on Sunday 15th December 2013 between 5pm - 6pm, many customers were obviously off their tits, despite management notices saying,they don't tolerate drug use, or those under the influence on the premises. Each and every private booth was being used as a cheap hotel alternative by guys sleeping off Saturday night excesses, the place resembled a filthy field hospital. Chariots management should be ashamed.

no photo
over a year ago   

Looks very run down these days, no soap to wash hands in toilets, nothing to dry hands. Crowd is full of queeny latinos, most on drugs, but there are some hot guys around. Unbelievably the entrance fee has gone up to £19. Avoid unless you're a druggie.

no photo
over a year ago   

The showers don't have much hot water supply and taking a shower would be by chilled water! Some guys resorted to using the jacuzzi to clean up by pretending to sit inside the tub.

no photo
over a year ago   

Run down cold and a rabbit warren but had some fun anyway. There are much better

no photo
over a year ago   

Location is good and convenient. Cleanliness was also good, at least the floor on dry areas were dry! Saunas (dry and steam) were in working condition (hot and steamy) but some showers didn't have warm water. Jacuzzi is small, for about 4 - 5 people.

This is a cruise club, a bath house and guys would be walking around, most of the times in towels, by doing so, one would come across the same guy/s from time to time. Right?

Now, this particular Caucasian man, attractive mid 30s, reported to the staff that he was being harassed by me. I didn't know anything until the staff came to discourage me.

I told the staff that I didn't follow him around purposely nor stalking him, let alone physical contact OR joining in the group when he was wanking with guys in the video room. I advised the staff to inform him that THIS IS A CRUISE CLUB and guys are free to walk around. He should be fully aware of what would be expected especially guys walking around.

The staff further advised to 'avoid him if possible'. Then I told the staff that it's not possible as I wouldn't know who's going to be coming around the next corner, when will he be in the saunas/video room etc.

Needless to say, my mood was spoilt by this unfounded accusation. The club wasn't busy to distract me and left about 20 mins later.

The staff didn't highlight to the guy that it is EXPECTED to see others walking around and will come across them from time to time.

no photo
over a year ago   

Very easy to get to and find, a reasonably sized venue, i went when it was quiet but it has potential and lots of rooms, the bar area is sad and badly lit with vending machines for food and drinks. Free local gay publications are great if you're new to the area. Computers with paid internet are available in a tiny corner. The locker room is huge, then followed by alternating showers/wet sauna/showers/dry sauna/showers/wet sauna which i found weird. Greatest annoyance is the 10 second showers which keep turning off. Lots of mirror rooms, a huge video room with tiny TV has potential for great group action, spa is small with tiled walls on 3 sides so it's not inviting, and the nearby showers are cold. I saw maybe 4 hot guys during my visit and probably 20 others who weren't exactly fit. So it might be best to only go during busy hours or you can try your luck.

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