Visiting gay Copenhagen

Gay life is well integrated into Danish society and being gay is a non-issue. That's probably why you won’t find typical gay streets or areas in Copenhagen. Although the scene may look limited, Copenhagen gay life is very alive and compact and you’ll find well dressed and trendy gays all over the place. The Danes love to meet up and be cosy so going out starts early evenings in cafe’s. If you wonder if the spot is popular, just count the number of people smoking on the doorstep (smoking inside is forbidden).<

Where to stay in Copenhagen

<b>Where</b> to stay in Copenhagen

The gay area is located near the central station. Here you find several gay bars, restaurants and shopping is nearby.

Hotel recommendations and map

Hotel for Copenhagen


Going out where?

For your daytime Latte or midnight cocktail served by young waiters check Oscar Bar & Cafe which change from cafe/restaurant to bar/club when night falls. If you don’t like the free peanuts, check the menu for light snacks or heavy meals.

Full list of bars, clubs

For rough men...

For all you rough and butch guys, Men's Bar and Jailhouse are the places to be. The last one even has a nice restaurant where you get served by guys in uniform. If you feel for dressing up yourself and get kinky, SLM could be fun. Mind you, this is a fetish club with strict dress code, so leave those sneakers at home. If afterwards you feel for soaping up and get clean, check Amigo Sauna .

Morning after

Start up the following day by grabbing your coffee at Wayne’s Coffee or try the breakfast buffet at Hotel Petri. If you still need some energy and a protein boost after a night on the town, treat yourself to flødeboller at Summerbird

Shop till you drop

Finest fashion and latest trends you’ll often find in “hidden” basements on side streets to Europe’s longest shopping boulevard Støget. To spot gays from an outdoor terrace visit Cafe Kyss in the parallel street.

Be a tourist

When you don’t feel for walking and want to explore cultural and historic Copenhagen, grab one of the free public city bike and cruise the city. Visit Little Mermaid at Lange Linie, the colourful houses at Nyhavn, amusement park Tivoli, hip and happening Nørrebro or get a joint at squatters ”city” Christiania on your way to see the new Opera House.

Copenhagen beach life...?

During warm summer days take your swim trousers and rollerblades to Amager strand and in case you forgot them you can go skinny dipping at the men’s only section of the outdoor bathhouse at Charlottenlund. Inside the city you can take a dive at Islands Brygge – but don’t forget to bring your travel size BBQ to blend in with the locals.

Danes on the move

As Danes love to reinvent themselves and the world around them, don’t be surprised to find mentioned spots renamed, redecorated or closed down for new venues to be opened. Please tip when you find out, as we like to be accurate all the time…

Article by: Ron Peperkamp